Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking About Trying a Bodyline Wig

Lately, I've really been wanting to buy a wig. My hair isn't particularly easy to style which makes a number of the tutorials I find for lolita hairstyles useless. I think that having nicer looking hair would make my overall ensemble just look better, something that I would very much enjoy.

Some of the wigs on Minty Mix I've found to be simply adorable including the wig below:

The black and pink split provides a nice contrast. Unfortunately, the site is currently out of stock of this darling wig. 

I therefore began looking more into Bodyline's wig selection. In particular, the short curly wig WIG035 caught my eye:

Though the wig doesn't look as impressive as the Minty Mix wig I pointed out, with a considerably lower price ($13 vs $50 for the above). Additionally, I've found a couple of positive reviews from Frills & Spills and on a post in the bodyline-love community. The pictures linked to in the bodyline-love community in particular show nicer pictures of the wigs being modeled. 

When I receive my next paycheck, I think I'll take the plunge and order the wig in the light pink colorway. ^_^


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