Wednesday, March 7, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 3: What I Hate In Lolita

  1. All of the bitterness towards "fatty-chans" and "itas" on /cgl/ and behind-the-bows is irksome. I don't understand why people feel the need to be so angry and hateful behind a mask of anonymity just because they don't like someone's look.
  2. The fact that people sometimes seem afraid to try new things because of the above hate is stunting to creativity. So what if you mess up and don't get things right the first time and look your best? Life is a long process of making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. 
  3. People who try to enforce a "lolita lifestyle" on people by stating that things wearing lolita while going to bars, wearing your piercings or baring your tattoos isn't very lolita. Lolita lifestyle, while something relevant to my interests, is NOT an inherent part of the fashion. Lolita is just clothes, not your mindset. 
  4. The sheer amount of "rules" to doing lolita makes the fashion very hard at times. I understand that having a challenge can be sometimes fun, but I feel like the whole internet shouldn't yell at you and trash you if you do one thing different than the standard. 
  5. A lack of close by lolita friends makes me sad often. The main center of the community in my state is 3 hours away, something I can't do very often because of time and gas cost. 
  6. The sheer cost of lolita is a deterrent to me. I understand that the brands charge those high prices because of the quality of the materials in the pieces and the cost of having graphic designers make the lovely patterns I love so much, so I'm not really debating the cost. I just personally find it to be harder to afford.
  7. Due to the desire to show off your new expensive clothes, I feel like lolita has more of a tendency towards cam-whorism than actual sharing of your outfit. 
  8. The lack of English-language providers of lolita clothing makes me sad. I've seen a couple of small indie brands but nothing nearly as significant as the Japanese brands or taobao shops in the United States for clothing, though I have seen some good providers for lolita accessories such as jewelry, wigs, petticoats, etc. 
  9. Living in a hot climate with lolita is horrible. The southern United States basically reaches 90 sometime in June and doesn't start going down until late August. So many layers = that much more sweating. 
  10. The sizing of the clothes in general is not conducive to a frame which is wider or taller than the typical Japanese female something which a number of Western girls will have trouble with inherently.

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