Monday, January 18, 2016

Cooler Months Recap

Hello again, and happy new year! The fall and early winter is usually an overwhelmingly busy time of year for me, and this year has proved to be no exception. The weather in Alabama has been unseasonably hot even for the area, sitting at 70° F (21° C) on Christmas day causing tornados throughout the state. Tornado weather on Christmas was a first for me. o_o  Anyway, let's start diving into the moments that made the last season or so memorable and fun.

Bag: AP
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt, necklace: BtSSB
Shoes: Claire's
As usual, I hit up the Birmingham Artwalk show for the year. The weather was pretty hot, so I opted for a casual cute outfit combining in some of my lolita clothes. The event was enjoyabler as usual, and, though I didn't end up buying anything this time, I'm already looking forward to browsing again next year.

So happy that there's a Pokemon Center USA site to order from now. Stocked up on Pikachu for the Halloween season. 
Super awesome custom Bidoof phone cases custom made for me by kaijincutie. Super happy to have these for special occasions! 
Because why not? 

Melanie Martinez Concert��
Fashion show time. Sailor lolita represent. 
Jsk: Bodyline l580
Blouse: fanplusfriend
Shoes: Bordello Pleaser Whimsey
Necklace, ring: Automatic Honey
October was an insanely busy month for me overall. I love stocking up on quirky goods to last me me through the rest of the year, so I indulged myself by ordering from the international Pokemon Center site. Since the Pokemon Center site has relaunched, I've been super pleased with the seasonal selection for items I would have spent way too much to import from Japanese re-sellers.

I was also super pleased when I realized that Melanie Martinez was actually coming to Birmingham, AL! I've been in love with Melanie's music for a long while and loved her often J fashion inspired wardrobe, so getting to see her in person was amazing. She's about to launch the second leg of the Cry Baby so look on her site to see if she'll be in your area soon.

The Alabama Lolita Coterie had the pleasure of working with Fal-Con to plan a fashion show. I had a great time being able to hang out before the show, and hellomermaid did a great job with organizing the show.

On Halloween day itself, my comm had a meetup in Montevallo for a small artwalk. I still want to do a review of Bodyline l580 at some point especially having worn it now. I don't typically wear gothic, so I'm not 100% on my coordinate above, but I did have fun experimenting outside of sweet lolita.

Adorable drawing by my friend drowsydragon <3

November is my birthday month, and I have some pretty awesome friends to share great times with. The big event of the month for me was going to CONjuration. I was hesitant for a while to go as I didn't want to add more stress into the holiday season, but I'm so glad that I went. I've had a love for Harry Potter since around the time the Chamber of Secrets first released. The convention was a lot of fun with both panels and events I was interested in along with a solid dealer's room. I represented Slytherin in my group of friends, and I had a great time roaming the con and attending the Yule Ball with them.

My single favorite sight in the dealer's room was the tortoise roaming with a basket on its back to raise money for the Georgia Reptile Society. Who doesn't want to give money to a tortoise with fairy wings? I threw money into his basket than remembered to actually ask what it was going towards.

Beautiful tea party for my comm's Christmas meet. My coordinate:
OP: Angelic Pretty
Shoes, socks: Bodyline
Purse: DreamV
Purse charm: BtSSB
Bingo card along with prize
My comm had its annual tea shop meet in December this year. We had a great showing 17 girls! For the meet, the previously mentioned hellomermaid and kaijincute worked together to make a coordinate contest along with lolita bingo. I won one of the bingo rounds and got a lovely pair of earrings made by fairykeiheaven. They remind me of the larme kei style that's been trending recently.

I saw the Force Awakens at the earlier 3D showing on the opening night. I was excited to get to break out my lightsaber and wear the Irregular Choice heels that I bought at their release. I was afraid that Disney would put another nail into Star Wars's coffin similar to George Lucas in the prequels, but I really and truly loved the movie. I'm already really looking forward episode VIII coming out in 2017.

For Christmas, my husband bought me the BtSSB x Pullip collaboration doll with Misako wearing the red and pink My Favorite Ribbon jsk. I'm super impressed with the level of detail that went into the collaboration and with just how perfect everything feels from her headbow balance above her perfect bangs (totally remembering her song Maepatsu Himeka) down to her tights with strappy shoes. The particular edition he bought me also came with Misako's nurse uniform which I'll be actually trying on the doll at some point soon.

And finally, we arrive at the current time, 2016! I'm pretty excited and pumped for this year so far. I've been truly working on reorganizing all of my clothes, dolls and plushes along with more reading and journaling AND actually putting together a proper skincare routine. I hope you've had a happy and productive new year so far too, and thank you for reading.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Months Recap

I typically don't wear lolita during the hot months, but this year was an exception! I spent the early part of the hot months getting ready to get married then the rest of the summer relaxing and having good times with friends. Below is a recap of some of my favorite moments in a very photo heavy post. 


Finally getting married! And yes, I am wearing Meta's Typewriting Squirrels. We had a very small ceremony at the courthouse then ate with family and friends at PF Chang's. <3

Also in love Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Gillie shoes in pink metal that I wore that day. 
I may have gone a bit wedding crazy in Lineplay too, totally obsessed with the Santorini wedding set they put out. 
Set of bottles I picked up as souvenirs when we went on our honeymoon. One for me and one for my now sister-in-law. 
Kirby and Prince Fluff themed wedding cake we had done with Dreamcakes Bakery. I wish I'd been able to get a photo before we had to let it sit out before the reception and the icing of the ampersand began to run a bit. 


We received many beautiful and practical gifts, so we were able to spruce up our apartment a bit. 
Decorative rose lights from Amazon
Adding more nautical elements to the bathroom. 

~Good Times~

I had to bid farewell to several friends moving away this summer, but not before getting to hang out one last time. Prepped in a different look for me, ready for a night of karaoke. 

My lolita comm had a wonderful meetup at Ozan Vineyard and Winery! We got to have a bit of a tour around the facility and estate. 
Borrowed parasol up! The day was hot, so I tried to coordinate more naturally to avoid having to wear a wig in the sweltering Alabama heat. 
Lovely train ride through the vineyard estate. Definitely worth the price of the ticket for the tour. 
Finally, seeing the musical performance of the Little Mermaid at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. The details to the performance were gorgeous and the lobby had adorable decorations, seen above.  
Overall, I've had a really fun filled summer with so many more moments that the few pictures above can convey. Thank you for reading, and I'll be back soon with more. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Would I Like In Future Prints

Ah, summer. The time of year when brands release yet another slew of strawberry prints after a spring full of cats and at least one more carousel print to round out the bunch. While I love the creativity that often goes into lolita prints, other times I'm disappointed at how often brands seem to take another spin at the same motif rather than try something new to tap the rich world of themes present in the world. Below are a few of my musings from moments of "Oh, I wish I had a print of that!".


While on the idea of fruit and summer, I'd love to see some citrus fruits instead of strawberries or cherries one summer. Prints could be cutesy sweet or more classic in styling, resembling old oil painting arrayed with limes, oranges and lemons. 

Americana Food

The retro splashes of 1950's American diners with their frothy milkshakes or even just something like the pastel pizza themes that Miss Kika has been exploring lately would make interesting themes for lolita prints. Especially for holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day, I'd like to be able to wear something that expresses American tropes.

Different Kinds of Florals

While roses are popular lolita motifs and pansies have made the occasional appearance, a whole world of florals remains to be explored by main line lolita brands. Summery hibiscus and lovely orchids could line the borders of different cuts, and white lilies would be a particularly beautiful print to wear when Easter comes around each year. 


That concludes some of the ideas that have come to mind when thinking of different styles of lolita prints that I would love to see. Please comment below if you have something you'd love to see too, and be sure to check out the other Lolita Blog Carnival participants below. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cold Months Recap

Long time, no see! The months after December have been a whirlwind. I've moved from a smaller one bedroom apartment into a much nicer two bedroom, significantly decluttered my life, and I'm now in the midst of making full wedding and honeymoon plans for late June. Below are some of my favorite moments of the last few months with a bit of commentary. Thank you for continuing to follow along with my coordinates and posts even when I'm not the most coordinated or frequent in posting. 
Fun seeing Disney on ice wearing my Toy Parade salopette! That tofu fried rice was amazing. 
About to head to the in-laws for Thanksgiving.
OP: Innocent World Antique Cutlery
Tights: The Snow Field
Tote: Innocent World 
JSK: Bodyline
Rosette: The Mossbadger
Purse: BtSSB Usakumya
Wearing my Meta Princess Wardrobe JSK set to the mall
Adorable Kewpie plate I got for Valentine's Day alongside the Sailor Moon cameo charms
Looking winter fabulous
Getting the bedroom setup at our new place. <3 
Neat little place for coffee in Huntsville, the Kaffeeklatsch. Smelled AMAZING. 
Having fun at the cherry blossom festival together. <3

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

F Yeah Lolita Level Up Quiz 2.0 (Form Version)

The wonderful Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita has provided a wonderful update of the lolita quiz that was originally written by Parfait Doll. The original version required manually adding up points, so I decided to take a bit of time to allow checkboxes so you don't have to manually keep up with your score. The rest of the below text is taken from her entry. I only scored a 70 so I hope to level up some more in time. 

The rules are simple, you get a point for every one of these things that you can say you've done, add the points up at the end, and you have your score! For the purpose of this quiz the term "brand" is open to your own consideration. If you consider Bodyline as a brand, or don't consider anything that wasn't designed by Mana himself as brand, that's up to you.

1-15: Curious Onlooker

1-15 points means you're familiar with the fashion and have taken an interest in all things frilly and Lolita. You've probably attended a few open events, maybe own a few pieces of Lolita, lurk the online communities, and you definitely are on your way to knowing your stuff! Your next step is probably buying the final piece for your first full outfit and finally headed to your first meetup!

16-40: Just Starting Out

16-40 points means you're just starting out in the world of Lolita. You may have been interested in the fashion for a few years but are just now getting involved in wearing the fashion on a regular basis and joining local communities. You probably have a couple full outfits but are still working on building a larger wardrobe. Alternatively, you have a larger wardrobe and definitely know your stuff, but you aren't very active in local or online Lolita communities and are perhaps more of a lone Lolita. Your next step is probably either finishing up adding a few more pieces to your wardrobe or to starting getting to know some other Lolitas.

41-60: Well-Rounded Lolita

41-60 points means you're probably a very well-rounded Lolita. You have a fair sized wardrobe that allows a variety of outfits and some style experimentation, you have a few Lolita friends, and you've attended your fair share of meetups and even fashion shows. You probably have a few volumes of the Gothic & Lolita Bible hanging around your bookshelf and you've definitely taken an interest in Lolita hobbies. Your next step is probably to step out of your comfort bubble, try a new style you've always wanted to try, host your own meetups, or perhaps finally apply to be a model for a local Lolita fashion show.

61-80: Experienced Lolita

61-80 points is the realm of an experienced Lolita! You've probably been active in the fashion for a number of years, have a fairly large and diverse wardrobe, and have attended (and hosted!) your fair share of Lolita events. You're most likely well-known within your local, and online, communities. You're probably practically an expert on the fashion and have probably introduced, or at least guided, a few friends along the right path in the fashion. Your next step is most likely to do a closet cleaning or some wardrobe organization because you probably have a few years of accumulated clothes.

81-100: Top of Your Game

81-100 points is at the top of the Lolita game. You've definitely been active in the fashion for a number of years, or possibly you've had a very intense first few years. You've gone out there and had the chance to do some pretty cool things that you always dreamed of doing back when you first got started as a Lolita. There's a good chance you're a leader in both your local Lolita communities and the online Lolita-sphere. Your next step is probably to kick a few more things off your Lolita bucket list!

101+: Lolita Royality

101 points is within the ream of Lolita royalty. You probably have enough clothes to dress your own personal rufflebutt army, which you could very well easily raise with a wave of your very expensive burando scepter! You're well known by Lolitas both near and far, who are most likely green with envy at what you have in your closet, who you've met, and what you've had the chance to do. There are probably still a few items left on your Lolita bucket list that have been haunting you for a while now because you thought they've always been out of your reach for one reason or another (perhaps it's that long-distance shopping vacation, to complete your dream dress list, or to finally host the tea party of your dreams), but look how far you've come yet! Whatever it is you want to do, you can probably achieve it easily, or at the very least, you definitely have the patience within the fashion to stick with it for a while and work on getting it done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How Strangers React To My Clothes and How I React To Their Reactions

How do I deal with the people asking what I'm wearing? 

I find that the above is one of the most common questions that new lolitas have especially those who start out wearing sweet. Dealing with the reactions of others to the fashion especially with OTT substyles can be weird at times, but I developed a set a different reactions for the different ways I'm approached.
  • Are you in a play? 
    Why is this the one I always seem to get at my local mall which is decently far from the places in town that would even be hosting a play? Though I've felt like some people try to say this in a condescending manner, most just seem to be genuinely trying to fit what they're seeing into the closest reference they have. My general reaction is to just smile and nod especially since the question tends to get asked when I'm in the middle of a meetup. 
  • Halloween is over! 
    I've actually only heard the above once or twice. I just tend to ignore heckling remarks and keep on struttin'.  
  • Wow, what are you wearing?! That's so cool!
    I get the excited reaction the most from younger people who are somewhere from mid teens to late twenties. I often times take extra time to talk with people that respond in a manner that suggests they genuinely love the fashion and to have a general small chat about Japanese fashion in general. 
  • Are you a princess? 
    That's my favorite reply from little girls, and I always feel really proud of capturing the lovely essence of the fashion. Making little kids smile with an outfit and giving them a sense of wonderment at the world to see a 'real' princess walking around is always a great feeling. 
That's it for the main reactions that other people have to me and I have to other people. I've mostly experienced positive reactions while wearing lolita in public. Please let me know what experiences you've had in lolita and what ways you deal with the public attention.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

Monday, November 24, 2014

Introducing FrillSearch

I've been on a web development roll lately, and I'm happy to finally post about my extension FrillSearch! FrillSearch allows you to highlight text then click a menu item to directly search Lolibrary instead of having to first Google the keywords first then end up clicking through to Lolibrary anyway. I love the site so much, and I wanted to give back a little bit of cool functionality to somewhere that I love so much that will often be the only place to contain measurements or just interesting historical information about release years. Lolibrary was even so kind as to feature my extension on their Facebook page!
Just highlight the text, click the menu item...
...and voila!
Thank you for any downloads of the extension, and please comment below if you have feedback.