Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 17: What Do I Want More Than Anything Right Now

I tend to try to keep the content on my blog lighthearted and fun, but I just don't feel that today.

This past Thursday, my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather raised me, sent me to private school and in general tried to ensure that I had a good future. Though we had our fair share of arguments and disagreements with how to live our lives, we still loved each other.

She was also one of my major fashion influences. I remember watching her go to balls as a child in beautiful gowns, leaving a trail of lovely smelling perfume in the wake of each step. She was the influence behind the elegance I admire so much in lolita.

So, if I had the say the thing I want the most right now, it would be to see her once more and hold her in my arms, telling her that I love her and that I appreciate what she's done for me. Just one moment.

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