Friday, March 16, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 11: One Day of Your Lolita Life in Pictures

I typically just take pictures of myself in my lolita outfit then go about the rest of my day forgetting to take pictures. However, I do have on particular day better documented: my 22nd birthday this past November!

I had literally got my Bodyline macaron jsk in the mail that day, and I was eager to wear it out. Sadly looking back on these pics, I lament the lack of a properly poofy petticoat for them.
After doing some general posing for pictures on my big day as my boyfriend took them, we decided to sit around and play some Banjo Kazooie for a while. I never had a Nintendo 64 as a kid, so getting to play the games for the first time on the Xbox 360 was fun.

The next thing we did was go to my boyfriend's parents house where he had secretly stored a surprise Kirby cake for me!

I then got present from him which made me happy. 

A pink rose was also growing in the family garden which was given to me.

Overall, the afternoon was a very fun experience, and I was happy to be able to wear my new dress on my birthday. 

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