Saturday, March 10, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 6: 10 Things I Can't Live Without In Lolita

  1. A decent petticoat is awesome to have. It gives your outfit a complete look that helps with transforming you from a girl in a frilly skirt into a full lolita in my mind. 
  2. Tights are an absolute must have for me. I love that they cover up my legs helping add to the modesty part of my look while also being easy to integrate in with my wardrobe while I'm not wearing lolita clothes. Also, should a pair of my tights suddenly become damaged, I know that I can easily and relatively cheaply replace them more so than a pair of nice socks which I have to order in the mail rather than find at a local store. 
  3. Lacking a pair of tea parties so far, I find that a pair of ballet flats often gets me by on long days when I don't feel like wearing my Bodyline heels. I understand that ballet flats often get a lot of flack and hate in the lolita community for being too casual but I can't help but see how a cute lacy pair of them can be a great compliment to an outfit you plan on wearing all day and don't want to wear with more uncomfortable shoes. 
  4. The huge amount of adorable accessories available on etsy through small sellers and even in mainstream stores like Claire's. Even with a limited wardrobe, a little accessorizing can spruce up your outfit and make it feel new again. 
  5. Bodyline has been a really helpful brand for helping me build up my wardrobe. They have prices that I can afford and in more sizes that I can wear. 
  6. All of the wonderful guides online and guidance on coordinating is so helpful. I can't see myself having gotten involved in lolita fashion without the internet being there to help me. 
  7. Being apart of my local community and getting to see other lolitas on occasion during meet-ups helps to make me feel like I'm less alone and part of some bigger movement. 
  8. Having non-lolita friends who are fine with my fashion makes wearing the clothes easier. Though some have argued with me that the name "lolita" for a fashion is perverted, they love the modest classy look of the clothing itself. ^_^
  9. A hopeful mindset helps me to feel better about wearing my outfits out into public and with presenting myself to the lolita community without fretting and smothering myself in shame. As long as I'm having fun in the fashion, that's the main thing that matters the most to me. 
  10. My wonderful boyfriend has been a godsend in supporting me as I explore this fashion. He gives me the encouragement to keep going day by day as I build my wardrobe and makes me feel great by always complimenting on my outfits. <3

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