Monday, March 12, 2012

Parasol Review From Ebay User Rhombusk

Stock photo of the Item
About a week ago, I mentioned that I had purchased a parasol from the ebay. The seller's username is rhombusk with the actual store being called World Import Co. I got the parasol today, so I'd like to go ahead and do my review.

Price: The item wasn't expensive at all, only costing $13.50 with free shipping.

Shipping: The item was sent the day after I ordered it as priority mail which result in a fast arrival to my doorstep, so I have to say that I am very happy with that aspect.

Packaging: The box was long, the exact right shape to hold the item. Additionally, the parasol was well wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap galore
Item Quality: The item itself seemed to be of nice quality and able to wishstand rain or shine. The pink handle grip was very smooth and easy on the hand to hold. The ruffles also looked very cute. Finally, the parasol itself deployed very smoothly with me not having to struggle to make it go up.

Picture of the parasol closed

Underside of the item

Top side of the item
Item Fit: Since the item was labeled as a children's item, I was worried the it would look ridiculously small while being held by an adult. However, I was pleased to see how the item looked decently proportioned next to me while I was trying it out outside. Though I would have liked a bit more length and breadth to the item, I think can manage with the size its at. The main problem I do have with the item is the way the strap which velcros the thing together when closed just sort of lays around, not looking as cute as the rest of the parasol. 

Able to rest comfortably on my shoulder

Item held above my head for size comparison

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