Monday, January 18, 2016

Cooler Months Recap

Hello again, and happy new year! The fall and early winter is usually an overwhelmingly busy time of year for me, and this year has proved to be no exception. The weather in Alabama has been unseasonably hot even for the area, sitting at 70° F (21° C) on Christmas day causing tornados throughout the state. Tornado weather on Christmas was a first for me. o_o  Anyway, let's start diving into the moments that made the last season or so memorable and fun.

Bag: AP
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt, necklace: BtSSB
Shoes: Claire's
As usual, I hit up the Birmingham Artwalk show for the year. The weather was pretty hot, so I opted for a casual cute outfit combining in some of my lolita clothes. The event was enjoyabler as usual, and, though I didn't end up buying anything this time, I'm already looking forward to browsing again next year.

So happy that there's a Pokemon Center USA site to order from now. Stocked up on Pikachu for the Halloween season. 
Super awesome custom Bidoof phone cases custom made for me by kaijincutie. Super happy to have these for special occasions! 
Because why not? 

Melanie Martinez ConcertšŸ¼
Fashion show time. Sailor lolita represent. 
Jsk: Bodyline l580
Blouse: fanplusfriend
Shoes: Bordello Pleaser Whimsey
Necklace, ring: Automatic Honey
October was an insanely busy month for me overall. I love stocking up on quirky goods to last me me through the rest of the year, so I indulged myself by ordering from the international Pokemon Center site. Since the Pokemon Center site has relaunched, I've been super pleased with the seasonal selection for items I would have spent way too much to import from Japanese re-sellers.

I was also super pleased when I realized that Melanie Martinez was actually coming to Birmingham, AL! I've been in love with Melanie's music for a long while and loved her often J fashion inspired wardrobe, so getting to see her in person was amazing. She's about to launch the second leg of the Cry Baby so look on her site to see if she'll be in your area soon.

The Alabama Lolita Coterie had the pleasure of working with Fal-Con to plan a fashion show. I had a great time being able to hang out before the show, and hellomermaid did a great job with organizing the show.

On Halloween day itself, my comm had a meetup in Montevallo for a small artwalk. I still want to do a review of Bodyline l580 at some point especially having worn it now. I don't typically wear gothic, so I'm not 100% on my coordinate above, but I did have fun experimenting outside of sweet lolita.

Adorable drawing by my friend drowsydragon <3

November is my birthday month, and I have some pretty awesome friends to share great times with. The big event of the month for me was going to CONjuration. I was hesitant for a while to go as I didn't want to add more stress into the holiday season, but I'm so glad that I went. I've had a love for Harry Potter since around the time the Chamber of Secrets first released. The convention was a lot of fun with both panels and events I was interested in along with a solid dealer's room. I represented Slytherin in my group of friends, and I had a great time roaming the con and attending the Yule Ball with them.

My single favorite sight in the dealer's room was the tortoise roaming with a basket on its back to raise money for the Georgia Reptile Society. Who doesn't want to give money to a tortoise with fairy wings? I threw money into his basket than remembered to actually ask what it was going towards.

Beautiful tea party for my comm's Christmas meet. My coordinate:
OP: Angelic Pretty
Shoes, socks: Bodyline
Purse: DreamV
Purse charm: BtSSB
Bingo card along with prize
My comm had its annual tea shop meet in December this year. We had a great showing 17 girls! For the meet, the previously mentioned hellomermaid and kaijincute worked together to make a coordinate contest along with lolita bingo. I won one of the bingo rounds and got a lovely pair of earrings made by fairykeiheaven. They remind me of the larme kei style that's been trending recently.

I saw the Force Awakens at the earlier 3D showing on the opening night. I was excited to get to break out my lightsaber and wear the Irregular Choice heels that I bought at their release. I was afraid that Disney would put another nail into Star Wars's coffin similar to George Lucas in the prequels, but I really and truly loved the movie. I'm already really looking forward episode VIII coming out in 2017.

For Christmas, my husband bought me the BtSSB x Pullip collaboration doll with Misako wearing the red and pink My Favorite Ribbon jsk. I'm super impressed with the level of detail that went into the collaboration and with just how perfect everything feels from her headbow balance above her perfect bangs (totally remembering her song Maepatsu Himeka) down to her tights with strappy shoes. The particular edition he bought me also came with Misako's nurse uniform which I'll be actually trying on the doll at some point soon.

And finally, we arrive at the current time, 2016! I'm pretty excited and pumped for this year so far. I've been truly working on reorganizing all of my clothes, dolls and plushes along with more reading and journaling AND actually putting together a proper skincare routine. I hope you've had a happy and productive new year so far too, and thank you for reading.