Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 9: 10 Things I Would Never Do In Lolita

  1. Exercise is definitely off the table. I can't imagine wanting to get especially sweaty in my nice clothes, and all of the layering would make it near impossible to exercise well.
  2. Going to sleep for the night is another thing I would not do. If I happened to nod off during the day that would be a different matter but deliberately sleeping in clothes like that would just be uncomfortable. 
  3. Going swimming is a pretty obvious no-no. I can already barely paddle around in a swimsuit. I can just imagine myself sinking to a fast death in lolita.
  4. Giving a pet a bath seems like it would also be a terrible idea. Even with perfect execution and avoiding getting wet while giving the bath, the animal would still shake at the end and thwart my efforts.
  5. Washing a car seems like a similarly bad idea. I wouldn't do the task in any piece of clothing I valued because of all the dirt and wetness rolling off of the car.
  6. Painting, which would likely end up with the paint on my outfit is another thing I would not do. Even though the idea of a painting, artistic lolita appeals to me, I just wouldn't take the risk.
  7. Cooking food without at least an apron on is something I wouldn't do. I've baked simple sweets with an apron on in my lolita but still managed to spill slight amounts on the apron. 
  8. Getting my hair done in lolita with all the shampooing and other chemicals is something I wouldn't do just for fear of the fabric getting ruined.
  9. Going fishing and a lot of activities in the great outdoors just seems unpleasant.
  10. Cleaning the household bathroom in lolita seems like a recipe composed of lace and Comet. While the same color, they don't go together.

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