Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 4: 10 Kinds of Food I Like

I don't entirely know how the above question pertains to lolita, but I'll share some of my food favorites. ^_^ Sadly, some of them may not be my favorites much longer if I finally make the leap to being vegetarian!

1) Sushi is so delicious. I tend to love the vegetable sushi or the more Westernized ones which put smoked tuna into the mix.

2) Vegetable dumplings are another one of my favorites especially when they're steamed and from P. F. Chang's.

3) Amy's brand organic burritos are one of my favorites for when I'm on the go and don't have much time. The convenience, good taste and healthier eating are all pluses in my book.

4) Chicken lo mein is another one of my Chinese food favorites. The last time I actually got to eat them was on New Year's Eve for good luck. Long noodles, long life!

5) Cream cheese filled wontons combined cream cheese and a crispy outer shell for a flavor I love. I also feel nostalgia for when my grandma would cook these for me when I was a kid. 

6) Pineapple pizza is what I'm always clamoring to order when I get takeout. The way the sweet of the fruit and the slight tart of the cheese interact is one of my favorite taste combinations.

7) Strawberry pocky is what I turn to when I have a craving for sweets. The flavored biscuit sticks not only provide a decently filling snack, but at only 210 calories per box they're a much better option than grabbing a candy bar.

8) Just directly eating cubes of cheese or slices of the stuff is always really nice. I love to add cheese to so many dishes, but just cheese on its own is nice. My favorite flavor tends to be cheddar though the little pieces of Babybel cheese are also good.

9) Taco Bell cheese roll-ups are another one of my faves. Looking over this list, my love of cheese in general is becoming more obvious making cheese roll-ups an obvious fit for my palate. 

10) Turkey hot dogs on wheat buns are my final favorite. They're another food which provides a convenient snack for when I don't feel like cooking that's healthier and tastier to me than regular franks.

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