Friday, April 5, 2013

Cosplay Adventures + Cherry Blossom Meet Up

Long time no post! Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I spent more of this year so far making posts on my deviantart, rainbowbidoof. I've gotten into cosplaying lately, so here are two pictures of the gijinka style cosplays I wore to Kamicon this year:

Audino! Don't kill me for the exp. x_x
Bowser! I loved wearing this! (/^o^)/
My wonderful fiancee cosplaying as Luigi
I intend to share more of the upcoming cosplays I'm working on here, though I do intend to keep the blog mostly lolita related. If you want to follow more of my cosplay shenanigans, be sure to watch me on my deviantart. I'm planning a Pignite gijinka, Rosa from Pokemon Black/White 2, and suit Saber from Fate/Zero at the moment.

My outfit (the right) rundown:
Parasol: ebay
Shirt: Tasty Peach Studios
Skirt: Candy Violet
Tights: Holley Team Time
Shoes: Bodyline
I was lucky to be the coordinator of the cherry blossom festival lolita meet up this year. I feel like I've really grown as a lolita, and I'm glad to have found a niche and friends in my local community. To the side is a photo of me with my friend Fairy Kei Heaven during the meet up. 

The only thing that made me sad about this meet up was the fact that the cherry blossoms weren't actually blooming during the course of the festival since it was still decently cold. ;A;

I don't have much more to post today. I have an outfit shot from my outfit for Easter this year, but I'll save that for another day. For all my readers who are going to the lolita convention Frill, I'm looking forward to seeing you there! I just finished booking my room and I bought my tickets a while ago. I'll be rooming and driving there with Fairy Kei Heaven to save costs, so that'll be my next major event that I hope to get some good pictures of to post here. I should also be finally graduating from college soon. So, until next time, ja mata!