Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bodyline Squirrels Dress Review

UPDATE (5/12/2013):

I'm glad to see that this has become one of my most often viewed articles on my blog. I wanted to just say that this item is still one of the favorite in my lolita wardrobe. I've been able to throw it in the washer machine with little degradation to the quality of the dress other than a slight bit more fuzziness to the lace which isn't noticeable unless you're looking very carefully.

Still wearing the dress; woah, my lolita style has matured, hah
Original Thoughts Below (2/29/12)

I never got around to posting about my Bodyline squirrels dress when it arrived in the mail, so I'll do so now.

I had originally hoped to get the dress in time for Kamicon. Guess when the dress came in? Literally one day after the con. Oh well. I don't think I would have had time to really properly try on the dress and coordinate then anyway.

Below are a couple of pictures of me trying on the dress with a mostly assembled outfit sans the petticoat (which I got slightly later than the new dress).

As you can see, the lacing in the back of the dress provides plenty of extra room for raising or lowering your size though I am pressing the size limit in the dress with about a 36 inch waist and a 40 inch bust. 

I particularly adore the way that the Bodyline squirrels print looks in black. The darkness of the color really makes the pastel imagery stand out. I've commonly seen wearing black sweet lolita being labeled as bittersweet lolita. I'm not exactly sure how fond of that terming I am. I tend to err on the side of fewer categories and I don't see much besides the black coloring that makes it bittersweet lolita. Perhaps if the coordinates were required to have something more than a different colorway going for them, I'd see the need to term the styling differently. 

As an overall sentiment, I really love this particular dress. It's the first piece in my closet that really and truly exudes sweet lolita, and I'm looking forward to wearing it more in the future. 


  1. Aww <3 I did a review of the dress in pink! I love the dress too and I noticed sweet lolita dresses in black really make the print stand out~ (I love the look of it on other people, but I can't wear that much black personally~) The dress coming in a day after the con stinks, but the irony is almost amusing XD I'm sorry about that <3 I don't see bittersweet lolita as a separate category just a way of expressing a specific look, and the term works for that purpose I think :DD Like if someone wanted to see a lot of sweet dresses in the black color way on tumblr or something the tag would be useful lol That dress is a GREAT dress, I think it's my favorite I own right now~ Cute pictures!

  2. Sweet! I was so worried that this dress (I want one too *-* it's so great!) do not fit my bust and waist. Now I'm sure it fits, since I have similar measures. Thank you! *-* By the way, you look so cute!