Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weight Loss For Lolita

Being a plus size girl makes getting clothes hard anywhere you go. With most department stores not going above a size 14 if you're lucky, shopping to find items that look good and actually fit you feels like a near impossible task sometimes.The issue feels only exacerbated when lolita clothing is added into the mix. You now have more problems with clothes being available only in one size which fits that average Japanese girl, not the average American one.

Enter me trying to lose weight for lolita. Despite feeling aggravated and frustrated some days, I've been keeping at the task at a slow and steady rate since early November. My main tool for weight loss so far has been Wii Fit Plus, and I've overall lost ten pounds despite not exercising for about half of December and all of January, so overall I think I'm doing pretty good. Lately, however, I've been stepping up my weight loss methods and looking more critically into what I can do to lose weight better.

The first tool I added to my arsenal was Ubisoft's My Weight Loss Coach. I saw a copy of the DS game in a sales bin at my local bookstore, and I couldn't pass it up considering it was only $4 and included a pedometer. I started my save file a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth so far. The pedometer turned out not to be that great in terms of quality, and the plastic clasp on it broke after a few days of use. I've since gone back to using a Pokewalker to measure steps given that the thing has never broken on me despite months of use. The game itself has been informative. The coaching sessions and the fact area of the game provide you with little tips and information that has been useful in getting me thinking about little ways I can change my day that will add up to more weight loss. Additionally, the daily challenge section gives you the option of choosing about 6 challenges a day that are influenced by decisions you've made in the coaching session so that they are more tailored for you. Just doing a few of them a day has made me feel better and increased good things such as my vegetable and water consumption. If you have a chance to pick up the game on sale, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

The other thing I'm trying right now to increase weight loss is Lose It!. The site gives you an easy way to input your weight loss goals, and the site will tell you how many calories per day you can consume to reach your weight loss goal at the pacing you set. The site also features a number of easy look up tools so that you can easily find the amount of calories in many common foods and in foods offered at restaurants. If you don't see a food you want as being already input, you can input the food like I had to do for my strawberry Pocky yesterday. Exercise can also be input, and I was delighted to notice that Wii Fit exercise is already in the program. Overall, I'm liking the experience so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing if I actually garner any weight loss from it.

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