Friday, March 9, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 5: My Lolita Wishlist

Compiling an actual wish list was harder than I expected. I found that there were so many pieces that I felt a general like for but not many that I felt a complete passionate need for in my wardrobe. I also noted how much I do love the work that Angelic Pretty does by my digging into Hello Lace a little deeper.

1) The Alice and the Pirates JSK for Black Cat, the Witch and the Apple Tree is one of my favorites. The text on the dress makes me think about fairy tales with the line "If he ate the charm apple, your LOVE is sure to be fulfilled."

2) A print I've already mentioned that I love is Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party in black. The print manages to embody both the sweet whimsical element I like in lolita with the pastries raining between the print while also having the elegance I admire embodied in the tea set. 

3) A print I have seen more often in the replica version than the actual one is Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet. I really like the black colorway on this one also for the way it makes the pastels stand out more. 

4) Yet another common replica print is Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival. I just love carousels in particular and the childlike whimsy associated with them.

5) Angelic Pretty Candy Fairy skirt I first encountered in a random post on tumblr, and I haven't seen it very often. I really love the soft delicate look of it.

6) Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly frill skirt is a print which I oddly enough don't really like the black colorway though I'm not sure why.

7) Minty Mix's black and pink split wig looks lovely. Again, I noticed that I really liked contrast of a piece. 

8) I am in severe need of a pair of tea party shoes. I would prefer to buy a black or a pink pair. 

9) I would also love to get a pair of rocking horse shoes eventually. I really like the way that platform shoes look, and I like the way that the shoes look to me like a combination of ballet flat and heel. 

10) My final item I want for the moment is a pair of Sweetie Cakes Confetti Party tights in white. I don't know how well the tights go with the rest of my lolita style, but I do think I could at least make them work with some of the fairy kei wardrobe I'm wanting to build. 

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