Tuesday, March 6, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 2: What I Love In Lolita

  1. The fashion makes me feel so elegant. Before I got into lolita, I mostly dressed like a tomboy nerd with the main accent pieces of my wardrobe coming from J!NX. While I still love that love that look, lolita just makes me happier when I wan to look dressy. 
  2. The large lolita community is awesome. I love being able to see that so many girls wear this fashion and be able to get thoughts, criticism and reviews through the main hub of the community at EGL
  3. The kawaii accessories are so adorable! I love a fashion which condones wearing cupcakes, cookies and other delicious sweets. Cute animal accessories are also appreciated.
  4. Dresses with prints on them as so cute! I just can't help but love seeing colorful scenery adorning a dress.
  5. Jumperskirt (JSK) dresses are so nice. I think I miss them from my early years of Catholic school, so I also have a nostalgia factor.
  6. Speaking of nostalgia, the way lolita makes me feel like a little kid on the outside is nice. It's just such a whimsical air. 
  7. The sheer amount of variety in lolita is inspiring. One day you can be dressed in a pink blur of an outfit then the next you could be clad completely in black. I feel like even if I get tired of sweet lolita, I'll go into another style like classic.
  8. The number of people who sew their own clothes is amazing. I feel happy be be apart of such a creative community that encourages making your own personal twists to outfits. 
  9. The shoes are so lovely. Tea party shoes and rocking horse shoes in particular look so neat to me especially compared to the regular hum drum of shoes you see people wearing every day. 
  10. The blog F Yeah Lolita is so awesome and full of tutorials for both beginning and veteran lolitas. I just love reading Caro-chan's posts. ^_^

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