Friday, March 2, 2012

Update On My Fanplusfriend Blouse

As I previously mentioned on this blog, I ordered a black blouse from Fanplusfriend. I was initially mostly please with the item, enjoying the fit and overall quality of the item. My main problem was somewhat scratchy lace on the sleeves and collar which I figured I may one day remove.

However, I'm less pleased after only 3 uses of the item. The lace on one sleeve has decided to be so kind as to start removing itself for me:

I noticed the slight separation of the lace from the sleeve after my first use wherein I had done nothing particularly taxing with the blouse but wear it out to see a movie with friends.

Today, my third use of the item, resulted in a more upsetting issue. I was sitting in the car on the way to class when I suddenly noticed that one of my buttons was missing near the bottom of the blouse:

Before I left home, I had noted that one of that the particular button (and some of the ones surrounding it) seemed kind of loose but since I was in a rush, I ignored it for the moment.Unfortunately, I couldn't find the missing button for the shirt, and I'm not enthused with the idea of putting a random button in its place. 

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