Thursday, May 17, 2012

Short Bodyline Wig Review

A while back I made a post about wanting to try a Bodyline wig. Well, I finally got around to ordering WIG035 and wearing it out for a day at a garden party, so I have a few comments to make about it.

I decided that the pink (lpik) colorway would suit my sweet leaning wardrobe best. Below is a picture I took of the wig on a stand:

For comparison purposes, here is the stock photo: 

I feel that the stock photo was pretty accurately represented in the actual product which I received. 

After wearing the wig some, I've noticed a couple of flaws with it. 
  1. The inner wig cap has had some slight shedding. While not enough to seriously mess up the wig yet, I'm sort of worried about the long term lifespan of the item.
  2. A few of the pink hairs of the wig have also decided to shed. 
However, the wig itself only cost $13 plus shipping. So, for the price I paid for the item especially compared to similar looking products, I feel that I got a pretty decent deal even it it doesn't last forever.

Additionally, I have somewhat of a larger head to the point where most hats don't fully fit my head. While the wig isn't the best of fits, I was able to wear it without too terribly much of my wig cap showing. 

Finally, below is a quick worn pick:

My apologies for being somewhat disheveled here. I do feel that the wig captures how the item will sit on the head during use. 


  1. Hey I've got a few questions about this wig here :D
    1. Which head circumfence do you have?
    2. Are the Twintails Clip-In Tails?

    1. I can't recall my head circumference off the top of my head (hah), but I tend to be at the limit of what most baseball can handle. The twintails for the wig pictured are not clip-in.

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