Monday, March 31, 2014

My Wardrobe Turnover

Since I've gotten into lolita, I've sold a very small amount of the items that I acquired. All of them have been pieces which did not fit me properly in the slightest, though I still have a couple of pieces I'd like to get rid of lurking in my closet.
The parka contained in the Candy Sprinkle salopette set was definitely too small for my bust, so I sold it recently. 
This BtSSB shirring cutsew claimed to fit an 80 to 110 cm bust and a 60-104 cm waist. I guess if by 'fit' you mean, 'look like a strange lolita crop top', then yes, the fit was excellent.  
I sold this skirt recently as, even though I technically fit into the piece, the item was much larger than my measurements and tended to hang much more on my hips than serving well as a high waisted skirt. 
I also had a pair of shoes which were my first lolita shoes from Bodyline that were a size 26.0. I mis-measured myself completely as I now know that I'm a 24.5 in Japanese shoes. 

As far as my more 'normal' clothing is concerned, I have a tendency to over buy cheap video game t-shirts which then end up being seldom worn since I tend to dress in lolita or fairy kei style clothes on the weekend while wearing other clothing for work. I'm actually in the process right now of donating a large amount of clothes that I no longer get any wear out of to Goodwill so that I can make room for new more work appropriate and cute clothes.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

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