Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plus Size Fashion In Japan: DreamV x La Farfa Plumprimo Line

On March 20th, the Japanese brand dreamv (international site link) premiered a new line of clothing going up through size 6L in a new line called plumprimo! While my Japanese isn't the best, I've managed to surmise that the recently rising plus size Japanese magazine La Farfa is likely helping with the spread of more plus sized Japanese clothing options. I'd like to explore some coordinates that are already live on the dreamv website.

Below are the La Farfa coordinates for the plumprimo line premier. 
My favorite outfit of the above would definitely be the sailor dress. The dress seems to most exemplify the sweet girlish cuteness that I tend to expect from dreamv's clothing lines. While I can see how the other clothes would appeal to some perhaps especially in the native Japanese market, they're just not as sweet of a style as I like to see when I'm buying overseas, and I feel like I could obtain their looks more easily domestically in America. 

Size Chart For Plumprimo Sailor Dress
Looking at the above, my rough knowledge of katana lets me know that the bust for the W3L is 122 cm and the waist goes up to 91 cm while the W4L is 128 cm and 99 cm respectively. I'm really impressed with a much larger size range being clearly catered towards. I love being able to confidently order a piece from a Japanese site that doesn't just have a generic label saying 'free size' and hoping that the item will either fit or be easily sellable.

As far as La Farfa May 2014 is concerned, which also came out on the same day dreamv released their new line of clothing, I just ordered a copy from cdjapan today. I haven't been able to find many scans online beyond the first issue of the magazine, so I hope to be able to put at least a few up on my blog once I get the magazine. While getting it may take a while considering I'm penny pinching with SAL shippping, stay tuned for more once I do get my book in hand.

(3/25/14) I wrote another post talking about more of the recent releases, check it out here

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