Monday, March 3, 2014

My Favorite Lolita Brand

Well, my favorite lolita brand likely won't come as a shock to anyone who's watched my blog for a bit. It's... *drumroll*... ANGELIC PRETTY, アンジェリック プリティ! The main lolita brand pieces that I currently have are all from them: Dreamy of Macarons, Whipped Magic, and Candy Sprinkle. I soon will likely be adding Dreamy Girl to that list. <3 Though I of course have a minuscule number of items compared to some wardrobes, I tend to love most of their releases as they release prints that vary between sugary sweet and femininely elegant. Since so many are out there, I'll go through the main prints of early 2014 and recap why I love them.

Angelic Pretty, Wonder Queen
Dignified royal rabbits play their trumpets, heralding the ruler of the fantasy style kingdom in front of the heart shaped window. Animals are a complete weakness for me, and I also love the refined Alice in Wonderland vibe that the dress gives off.

Angelic Pretty, Melty Royal Chocolate
Once I get done pursuing my macaron obsession further, I'd love to get my hands on one of the myriad of Angelic Pretty chocolate prints. I just love the chocolate bar motif, and I'm looking forward to what future spins AP may throw onto the theme.

Angelic Pretty, Romantic Rose Letter
I love the elegance and imagery of the print. I imagine a young woman at her vanity composing an eloquent letter to the love of her life, completing the note with a heart stamp and the words 'think of me' on the back of the letter. When her suitor eventually opens the letter, he inhales a scent that reminds him of her, a perfume reminiscent of a bed of roses. <3 Okay, maybe I'm a little overly romantic, but you get where I'm going with my appreciation for the print.

Angelic Pretty, Melody Toys
Once again, I'm a sucker for cute animals. After the music inspired coordinate Lolita Blog Carnival post of last week, I've been looking more into musical motifs. I love the idea of the little animals sweetly learning to play instruments particularly with the bear having the maestro's stick and the soft pony padding gently on a drum. I smiled at the thought even while typing the above.

Angelic Pretty, Dreamy Girl
I have a particular admiration for Dreamy Girl. Maybe my love is just a case of a release being in the right place at the right time with me exploring makeup more lately, but I can't help but imagine a sweet vanity or a magical girl transformation even though it's such a simple print. The print seems like a softer looking version of Fantastic Dolly, and I actually ordered the dress for my first direct purchase from the Angelic Pretty international site. The only thing that would make my love of the print more complete would have been a limited edition makeup collection from Angelic Pretty to go along with the collection.

I hope you've enjoyed walking through the reasoning of one person for loving Angelic Pretty so much and enjoyed eyeing recent releases again. Thank you for reading, and I'll write again soon.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

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