Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Girl Unboxing And Coordinate

While most of my week was a wild ride of work stress and antibiotics, I had the pleasure of ordering my first dress from Angelic Pretty's international site at launch: Dreamy Girl. I'm in love with the soft feel of the print, so I'd like to go into some detail about receiving the high waisted jsk along with some worn photos of my coordinate from a museum meetup this weekend. <3

I ordered the item as soon as the series went live Friday on Angelic Pretty's website. I was pretty nervous since the jsk was my first purchase of a brand item at release, but I managed to get Dreamy Girl in the lavender colorway just like I had planned with relative ease. Perhaps fortunately, the print seems to not be very popular which likely led to my ease of purchase. I did find the fact AP runs two separate charges for the item to be a bit odd, but I overall found the actual checkout system to be rather streamlined and easy. The item itself arrived on a Wednesday which I found to be amazingly fast for an item coming straight from Japan. I was very pleased with the promptness of service delivered. 

The lace features a simple bow motif while the bust of the high waist jsk has a line of pearls down the middle with lace ruffling out from each side. The material feels very light but nice with a slight sheen to the fabric as can be seen in the photos above. The waist ties are thin and simple with little pearls dangling from the end, and the similarly thin straps have buttons and are length adjustable. As a note for fitting, the dress has no side zipper but does have full back shirring. The only aspect of the dress I did not love was the bow at the center of the waist which I removed for my own personal wear. The bow just kept continually flopping over and seemed unwilling to uncrease from the bent position seen above after being shipped. 

JSK: Angelic Pretty Dreamy Girl
Cutsew, shoes: Bodyline
Tights: We Love Colors
Mint bow, purse: Claire's
Star clip: Chocomint
Bracelets, necklace: Forever 21
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Floral hairclip: Local dollar jewelry store
I was able to wear the dress to a meetup at the local museum the past weekend. We had a great time wandering the halls of art, eating at Mellow Mushroom and shopping for tea at the local mall. Overall, I was happy with my coordinate with the dress for the first time. In the future, I hope to bring out more of the elegance of the dress by obtaining a pair of the DreamV heart heels for a more mature look along with wearing a more detailed pink blouse rather than a simple cutsew beneath.

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