Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Mossbadger Rosette

Mossbadger is a small indie brand which makes beautiful rosettes that I've tended to rave about wanting for a while now. Many times, the rosettes that she posts instantly sell out with only a few lingering to sell out a couple of weeks later. I recently happened to be on Facebook to see her announcement of a new batch of rosettes going live, so I jumped on the opportunity. Today, I'd like to do a short review of a rosette that I received.

Shipping: I paid for my item on March 12th. I received notification that the item was shipped out on March 14th, then I received the piece on March 20th. The item was well packed, and I liked the inclusion of a cute business card along with the botany themed tape that lined the edge of the packaging. 

Accuracy of description: The picture from the shop was very clean and crisp, and the product that I received looked exactly like the photo in terms of materials and colors depicted on the rosette. 
Stock photo of the rosette
Quality: The item was very soft and lovely and appears to be of sturdy construction. The two way clip seems to be very sturdy and like it will be able to endure long term usage. The only small issue was a small amount of glue that I found on the back of the product peeking out from an edge, but since that aspect of the outfit will never be seen, I don't mind at all. 
Slight bit of glue peeking out of the edges
Fit of the item: As I mentioned above, the clip on the rosette is very sturdy. I was able to fit the item in as part of an otome kei style outfit soon after receiving it. <3 
Fur collar: ebay
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
Dress, tights: Target
Would I recommend the item? 

I would definitely recommend the item. Even though the rosettes initially felt a bit pricey at $22 or $25 apiece, the unique lovely piece that I received was worth the money. 

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