Monday, March 10, 2014

3 Lolita Trends I Wish Would Come Back

Having been in lolita for a few years now, I've now had the experience of seeing some trends come and go along with having come too late to experience the peak of other trends. I'd like to share 3 trends that I'd like to see come back in full force.

Twin Tail Split Wigs
A couple of years ago, I saw wigs like the above being all the rage and paired with every OTT sweet lolita outfit. Now, I hardly see the split wig color trend nor the chunky twin tails. I really love the look of the wigs, having worn a twin tail wig as recently as Kamicon this year, so I'd love to see the heavy hair come and add weight quite literally to outfits. 

Rectangle Headdresses
By the time I entered the fashion, rectangle headdress (ie, 'maxi pad' headdress') had already had their heyday and gone out of style. I love the chunky doll like look of them. They seem to have resurfaced somewhat as noted by F Yeah Lolita, though I'm still not seeing many of their thinner cousins. 

Source: Paradise Rose on etsy
Rocking Horse Shoes
I still don't have a pair of these glorious shoes, but I plan to order one at some point during my lolita career. I love the contrast of the wooden sole along with just how unique and fun these shoes look. 

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

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