Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Plus Size Fashion in Japan: More Dreamv Plumprimo Releases

I know I only just recently published an article talking about the premier of the plumprimo line at DreamV, but I have to share more of the items that have gone live on the site already since the launch! I'm just loving the collection so far, so I'd like to share some more items that I've seen crop up so far.

I'll first post some of my personal favorites.~
Can I say GORGEOUS?! The dress has cute detailing on the sleeves that makes me feel like a princess just looking at it, and for only 3300 yen!
A super cute peter pan collar blouse that I can see being a great wardrobe staple. I love the busy strawberry prints, but I feel like the polka patterns and gingham would probably be more wearable everyday. 
The floral is sweet, but I especially love the way the model is coordinated on the right. Also, the inclusion of a bow belt with the dress to help with waist definition is a nice touch. 
And as with the initial launch releases, I have a number that I don't dislike, but I don't like enough to even consider ordering overseas for them. I'm not a huge fan of maxi skirts on my build in general, and the other pieces once again seem like they'd be easy enough to obtain something similar in America.

Those are all the rest of the releases that I have to share and comment on today. Comment below to let me know what your favorite pieces are so far! 

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