Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quick Blog Updates

Hello, all. Just a couple of quick notes for the upcoming summer months!

  • Typically, I let the blog go dormant during the summer months since I try to mostly focus on original content, and I tend to not wear lolita during the summer because the American South is just gets too unbearable with any degree of layering. However, I hope to explore some different content types in the upcoming summer such as profiling cutesy games or talking more about my increasing interest in dolls, so be aware some of the content may shift until the weather starts to cool again. 
  • While speaking about content scheduling though, I'd like to apologize since I may slack off during the month of June. I'm working with my comm to participate in the Sukoshicon Montgomery lolita fashion show on June 21st in Montgomery, Alabama. If you're in the area, I'd gladly invite you to attend the one day con as we've been consistently planning for the last few months ranging from outfits to song choices so I'm pretty pumped about seeing how the show turns out. However, I'll be attending a practice session for the show then doing the show itself, so my weekend time to write posts is going to be taken up for a while by the event so content on Beyond Kawaii may slack for a bit. I also have a website I'm developing on the side in addition to my full time job so writing may have to go to the wayside for a bit.  

Anyway, thanks for reading. I really do appreciate your continued views and comments. I hope that the end of graduation season and beginning of summer has been good to you so far, and I'll be writing more again soon.

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  1. A Lolita Fashion show cool! Looking forward to the posts. :D