Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Keywords That Describe My Lolita Style

I had to actually thinking decently hard about the above prompt. Even in an age of digitization and keywords which condense down to describe our lives, what keywords describe my personal style, crystallize its essence? Though my conclusions may be rough and inaccurate, I do think I've better distilled what makes my style mine.

A large number of my outfits never actually make their way onto my blog. Why? I tend to wear a large amount of casual style lolita outfits that straddle the border of being formal enough to be considered full lolita coordinates. I wear lots of casual style when I'm not feeling the sheer efforts of makeup and wigs that goes into my put together looks or when I'm wearing lolita to work where I never wear wigs or OTT types outfits. Even though I still see continued debate on whether or not casual lolita should be even considered lolita, I find the style to be one of substyles with the great amount of diversity and exploration of what base elements really make a lolita outfit.

I love to wear accessories from non lolita stores such as Forever 21, rue 21, and Claire's. More mainstream stores rotate in trends more quickly than lolita brands tend to absorb variety, so I like being able add in different elements of more popular fashion that I like at a much cheaper price. Bodyline is also my go to place for so many lolita items, and I'm hoping to add in more pieces of Bodyline even now to pad out my wardrobe with my solid everyday wearable lolita dresses.

I'm not quite as into sweet lolita in the black colorway as I used to be, but I still really love the way that the substyle looks. I'm a sucker for the contrast of the pastels against the black background which makes seeing the print much easier. I also personally like seeing other lolitas in the subystle as I can more easily get a look at the detailing of their print and the shapes without having to get within an eerily close distances to observe their clothes.

When I do pull myself into a more formal outfit for a lolita meetup or just a really nice evening out on the town, I wearing wigs so incredibly much. Even right now, I'm mentally going back on forth on whether to place a wig order when I know that my wardrobe expansion would be better served by more shoes. I really don't like how hard my natural black hair is to work with, so I've just taken to keeping my natural hair in a small puffy afro for everyday use then covering my hair with my slowly increasing variety of wigs which can instantly match the look I'm going for that day much better than my natural hair ever has.

Oh come on. My blog is named 'Beyond Kawaii'. I just HAD to put that as a keyword to describe my style. I do truly love kawaii, the Japanese style cute which lolita absorbs into itself so perfectly with sweet little characters and darling elements. I feel like I actually tend to vastly fail on being truly kawaii instead of just incorporating regular style cute, but I do try to always think about and add sweet elements to my life and style.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

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