Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DreamV Dress Review + OOTD

I've talked about the DreamV Plumprimo released, but I only recently took the plunge and actually placed an order with DreamV in a group order with friends to save on shipping costs. I wanted to do a quick review and recap of the dress I received. <3

Shipping: Since I was ordering with a group of friends, I had to wait a bit longer for the item to ship out since they had items which were on pre-order. As a note, DreamV will sometimes delay the release of pre-order items past the announced date, so don't be shocked if the ship time pushes forward. Once the items actually shipped, they arrived within a few days via EMS shipping. 

Accuracy of description: I ordered the Alice in Wonderland themed jumper skirt with the words 'Dear My Love Princess in Wonderland...' written in lovely script across the bodice. The item is from DreamV's Dear My Love collection which features items that lean closer to a sweeter, princess feeling than some of their more gyaru centered lines.

The dress I received was nearly exactly as seen from the photos on the model. The lettering was just as crisp as shown on the modeled dress and slightly raised. My main qualm was with the way the bow at the center of the dress has a tendency to hang when worn. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with that as I'm very used to detaching the middle bow from lolita dresses when I can't get them to sit correctly, but the bow on the Alice dress is not detachable. The waist ties are also not detachable which is a feature I would have preferred but having them be attached isn't a deal breaker for me.

Quality: I don't have any real issues with the quality of the dress. While having little special touches like lace detailing around the shoulder straps would have been nice, I find the quality to be great for the price of around 40 USD. 

Fit of the item: While ordering, I was concerned that I would not appropriately fit the dress as the listed measurements are below mine for even the 3L which is the size I ordered. Knowing how Japanese vendors tend to list the minimums, I decided to take the plunge and order anyway, encouraged by pictures of full back shirring. 
The fear was real.
My worried were quickly allied when I actually tried the dress on. I was really pleased with the overall fit on me and had no struggle getting in or out of the dress. The fabric is somewhat thin, however, so having raised buttons on my blouse caused a bit of odd wrinkling on the front bodice, so I would recommend wearing the dress with something smoother like a cutsew. The length was also very appropriate, leaving me without the worry of my skirt barely covering my hind side. 
My actual ootd for the piece.
Dress: DreamV
Wig: l-email
Tights: The Snow Field
Blouse: offbrand unknown
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Would I recommend the item? Definitely. The piece is great for days when I want to feel a little fancier but without the full effort that goes into a lolita coordinate.


  1. I also placed my first order with DreamV some weeks ago and am still waiting for my items :) I also ordered the above dress in pink and now I can't await to receive it :3 Thank you so much for the review ^^

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad to have actually been of help with my review, and I hope you love your dress when it arrives. ^^

  2. Aww it looks so amazing on you <3

    ~ Sann