Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dollish Dreams: Jun Planning Ai Doll Nerine Unboxing

With my childhood obsession with articulated figures re-emerging with a vengeance lately, I've been getting more and more into ball jointed dolls. I recently got a Hujoo Freya from Junkyspot, but I also wanted a human doll added into my tiny collection. Whether or not the doll was resin did not matter in my decision as I just wanted to get another budget level bjd to gauge my interest in the hobby while still being a doll I'll hopefully still love and adore years from now. After much research and scouring the internet for reviews, I finally settled on getting an Ai Doll from Jun Planning, the previous makers of Pullip. The tiny doll is adorable and comes with a full set of clothes as pictures, eyes and a wig for only around $30 USD plus shipping on Amazon and with a number of ebay sellers. I debated between two of the dolls in the line, Nerine and Primula, both of whom enchanted me with their darling outfits featuring bonnets. Nerine won out in the end as I liked the slightly mischievous expression on her face though I may purchase Primula in the future also. I've rambled on for a good while now, however, so let's get to actual unboxing photos! 
Stock photo of Nerine
Sorry for the blurriness

Firstly, I loved the boxes that she came nestled within. The top box is the cardboard box which was directly exposed to the elements during shipping while the second is the lovely inner box which is shaped like a book. Gold lettering with the name of the model and the specific doll's name shines on the front which really adds a nice enchanted touch to the feeling of the purchase. 

Once I opened the box, I was pleased to see all the components in place and undisturbed. She comes with her bonnet separate from actually being worn during shipping likely to preserve shape, separately compartmentalized shoes, a small teddy bear and eye putty in a separate box so that once you open her head you can better affix her eyes to stay in place. 

The aesthetic of her outfit reminds me a bit of some of the elements I've seen in mori girl. Her outer dress and bonnet feature a sweet print with rocking horses, bunny toys, crescent moons and stars. After being smooshed in a box for so long, her hair was not exactly willing to lie down though I'm hoping with some more brushing that the fibers will relax a bit out of her packaged position. 
With the clothes off, you can see more of her features as a ball jointed doll. Her head features a detachable cap that is pulled back in by a magnet, and her hair is a wig which stick to her head via velcro strips glued to the top of the scalp. Her tiny body is detailed, hence the heart over her nether regions. The doll seems to come very loosely strung, however, which I fiddled with by just pulled up the cord in her head and retying so that she should stand more stiffly without her limbs floundering wherever they willed to the point where I could hardly stand her up. I'll do more research on how to properly restring her for the future especially since her arms still suffer from being floppy. 
Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. She's a sweet little companion and nice to have around while I play games. I'm looking forward to getting more ball jointed dolls in the future, and I hope you found my unboxing helpful if you're considering purchasing one. 

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