Monday, June 23, 2014

Maleficent Movie Lolita Meetup

Last month, I organized a meetup for my local comm to attend the movie Maleficent. We started off the meetup by eating at our local Cheesecake Factory. I decided to try the "Incredible Grilled Eggplant Sandwich" which was delicious though a bit messy and so thick that it was hard to keep in its burger shape. I had never actually eaten at the Cheesecake Factory before, and I wish the portion of the main course were smaller so that I could have also enjoyed a piece of cheesecake with my meal without being wasteful.

I decided to center my coordinate around the idea of fairy tales, so my Infanta high-waisted skirt was a natural fit for the occasion. I was in a rush the day of the meet, so I sadly didn't grab my Evil Queen tote and instead went with my Day Dream Carnival mook tote which has proven to be a resilient companion for daily use. Below is a photo of me outside of the restaurant with another member of my comm who is wearing a blouse and bow set from Elegy and the Candy Violet Patisserie high-waisted skirt.
My Coordinate:
Blouse: Fanplusfriend
Bonnet, skirt: Infanta
Wig: Arda Wigs
Tote: Angelic Pretty
We preordered tickets to guarantee we would be able to get tickets on the opening weekend of the movie. While I can see the movie's predictable turns being boring for some movie viewers, I was in love with the dark fantasy vibe of Maleficent next to the radiant life of Aurora. The tale of broken love felt like it could have been written to flow better, but I still enjoyed seeing Maleficent overcome her emotional struggles throughout the film.
Beautiful movie art, ie, I forgot to take a picture of the movie promotion cut out when in the theatre
After the movie, we walked to the nearby Steel City Pops for a great selection of gourmet popsicles. I tried out a coffee popsicle to great effect, and I left the meetup in a good mood. That's all for my nontes on the meetup and the movie. What movies has your comm made meets for? Did you happen to like or dislike Maleficent? 

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