Friday, May 16, 2014

Dollish Dreams: My Angelic Pretty Byul Doll

Soon after getting into lolita, I began to see beautiful dolls also clad in dresses from lolita brands and also read F Yeah Lolita's article on ball jointed dolls (bjd). At the time, I deliberately turned my attention away from the topic since I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to buy basic lolita pieces along with dolls at the same time. Every so often, I thought about them, imagining them to be another great component of the lifestyle lolita. Entering my post college life with a more filled out lolita wardrobe and a more filled out wallet, I can finally begin to turn my attention to other interests more. When I saw a Byul doll clad in Toy Parade up for auction last week, I jumped on top of the opportunity with clicking abandon.
As you can see, I clearly need to look up some guides on how to tame the frizz in her hair. But I'm enamored with her details. The purse that she carries can be opened and has tiny little star charms attached to the zipper. Her striped socks are soft while her shoes are made of a hard plastic with a soft ribbon to lace up her legs. 
The dress isn't made of the thick cotton fabric or lace that I typically notice in AP's dresses which is a bit disappointing especially in the case of the lace, but as I'm unversed in the ways of doll clothes construction perhaps a lighter fabric is needed in order for the dress to be properly constructed at a much smaller scale.
That's really my only complaint, though. Beneath the dress, she even has a small petticoat along with a pair of bloomers. The head bow she wears is adjustable so that when it feels loose on the doll I simply have to pinch the sides back in for the band to fit against her head again. 

A switch on the back of her head enables her to move her eyes from side to side. Her eyes also have sweet lolita star detailing, a great motif to pair with sweetness of the dress. The look is completed by lovely makeup (or faceup in this case) which provides a lovely blushing look with a soft pinkish sheen to her lips. 

I'm glad to own Byul, a sweet little member of the Pullip family. I hope to acquire Dal Maretti, a sweet girl wearing Wonder Party sometime in the near future. I've already been trying to bid on and acquire Toy Parade so that I can match the doll that I already have. Unfortunately, the long sleeve OP from 2009 which is what my Byul is wearing has no back shirring so I won't be able to wear the exact same dress as my doll. I'll be on the lookout for the full back shirring jsk in pink, however, and I'll make due with twinning as best I can. 

Thank you for reading along with me today. I've already ordered a kitty bjd, a Hujoo Freya, to really get the ball rolling on doll collecting soon, and I'm hoping to soon better display my Ever After High and Sailor Moon dolls. Would you be interested in me talking about other doll acquisitions in the future? Let me know in the comments. 

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