Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mail Post: What I'm Waiting For Right Now, May 2014

With Anime Weekend Atlanta coming up in a few months, so many cool brand releases like AP's Crystal Dream Carnival and IW's Lotta re-release coming up, AND my increased determination to actually save up for my wedding, I actually bought a good deal less than usual in the past month. However, I do have a few things that I'm currently waiting on in the mail of interest so I'd like to share with you below.

HEARTSREVOLUTION is an indie band which I found out about after Esther Kim mentioned their latest album on her instagram related to the #memyselfieandi gallery. I've liked what I've heard of the music so far, but I won't lie that the main attraction of the album to me is the interesting cover art complete with a hot pink crayon and coloring book. I'm a sucker for interesting packaging, so I actually ordered a physical copy of the CD instead of just purchasing Ride or Die on iTunes.

Even though I don't own Krad Lankrete's dress which would match perfectly with these tights, I had to have a pair of R-Series' Luna in the Sea tights. Above is my photo which Taobao Spree provided me with as proof before shipping. I love the jellyfish motif which continues on both sides of the tights along with the mysterious waning moon down the other side. I actually placed a pre-order a long while ago for them, but they're just now shipping in late May.
My interest in dolls is continuing to flair up after my recent Toy Parade Byul purchase. The above is a Jun Planning Ai doll, Nerine. Jun Planning before going bankrupt released an adorable set of floral named ball jointed dolls cast in plastic rather than resin which makes them much more affordable, coming in at $30 plus shipping for many of the dolls on Amazon right now. The only small annoyance is that since her line wasn't a major one, I doubt I'll be able to fit her into many pre-made clothes so I'll likely be stuck sewing on my own for her if I ever want to change her out of her set or finding a rare Hujoo baby outfit since that line seems to be the closest to her sculpt from what I've seen perusing Flickr. 
Finally, I am waiting on a cat faced zip pouch from ebay to arrive... still. I actually ordered the item in late April but the item has been stuck on "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for about two weeks. *sigh* I'm glad that it's at least not an imminent need for any coordinate I was planning, or I'd be more rustled at the postal system. 

Do you have anything interesting you're waiting on in the mail? I'd love links to other blog posts or recent Youtube videos. Also let me know if you're interested in a review of any particular item I have coming in the mail at the moment. 

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