Friday, April 25, 2014

Dream Haul: Mori Girl Dear Li

As I've been branching and exploring clothing outside of lolita that will better fit my daily lifestyle, mori girl is another style that has caught my eye. In case you want to know what mori girl is, Vanillery Garden has a number of nice posts on her blog with an introduction to mori girl linked to. Dear Li is a taobao brand that I've come across in my search that seems to be relatively well known in the mori girl world. Below, I'd just like to feature some of my favorite pieces I've encountered on their taobao shop with links above the photos of the items. I hope you enjoy my virtual window shopping as much as I did.
I'm a sucker for both mushrooms and forest animals
Ruffle cat is rightfully dapper and smug
More squirrels and mushrooms. Hnnnnng. 
Princess Mononoke deer god vibe anyone? No? Just me? Okay...
I love that the two colorways of the dress feature two different bunnies. <3
Thank you for hanging around with me as I 'fawned' over some pieces I've found in my internet adventures. Let me know below if you've had any experience with Dear Li and what you think about the quality of their clothing.


  1. Not that I've had any experience with Dear Li, but I've certainly been getting more into mori fashion these days :) I think all the pieces you've shown here are just so adorable! (*o*)