Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Antique Mall And Karaoke Lolita Meetup

The past weekend, I got to experience an amazing meetup with my local girls. Skip through the cut below for some photos of the great finds and fun that we had. <3
Jsk: Bodyline l445
Blouse: Bodyline l009
Tote: Forever 21
Rosette: mossbadger
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Hat: ebay
Boots: Rack Room Shoes
I had a really great time before the meetup just planning my coordinate. I had planned out a very roughly similar outfit for a recent Lolita Blog Carnival Post, so I was really excited to have the outfit fully come together for a real life meetup.
Once at the antique mall, the other lolitas and I wandered around together to talk about the wonderful finds that we saw along with trying to spot out tea cups to bring with us to the host's house and have tea together later in the afternoon. I struggled to find a tea cup, but I eventually found one that I really like with a windmill motif decorating it. The store had so many items that I thought were cute that I just couldn't photograph them all, but below is a sampling of my finds.
Earrings and brooches! I ended up buying the red rose one. 

One booth had lots of night gowns that would be perfect for layering with cult party kei. 

A cute doll! She even had a petticoat on under her skirt. 
The tea cup that I ended up choosing. The tea cup and coaster only cost $8 which I thought was nice for such a rustically cute find. 
Later in the night, we went to a local karaoke bar to party. The bar is actually really new with lots of Korean food and nice private rooms to accommodate large parties. I had a great time, though my voice was barely audible once I got done singing so much. 

Hah, I warned my friend who changed into gyaru that she would wind up on my blog. 

And that's a good summary of our day! I had a great time, and I hope to go back to the bar soon! Thanks for following along with my day, and I'll catch you next time. 

Bonus silly picture <3


  1. Wuah~ a karaoke bar, nice! Seems like you had a great day! ^O^

    1. I did! I was shocked that there was a karaoke bar that nice in Alabama, hah, we never seem to have the cool stuff.