Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kawaii Nail Polish: Violet Lebeaux's Simple Rose Art Nail Tutorial

One of my current favorite bloggers is Violet Lebeaux, and I've been loving seeing photos of her retro cute daily life along with useful tutorials and tips. I've been looking at how to fancy up my nails more recently, so I decided to try out her simple rose print nail tutorial.

Wow! The tutorial was amazingly simple and easy to follow along with. I bought a basic set of nail art tools Sally Hansen brand from my local pharmacy and just read along. I sadly lacked the white polish on hand, but I was overall really happy with the results and my first attempt at nail art of any sort.
Polishes used:
Essie Lilacism
Spoiled Permission to Proceed
Revlon Sugar Glaze
Revlon Extra Life Clear Coat
S-senpai even noticed me. *_*
That's the best of the photos that I got. Have you had any neat, cute nail tutorial that you've tried lately? List them in the comments below. 

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