Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Ribbon Faux Fur Collar From ebay User cypressin

I've been looking into getting a faux collar for a long while now to add a more forest feel to my lolita outfits or add a little bit of every girly to regular outfits. When I found a listing for less than $5 USD shipped per collar, I knew I had to buy several. Read more about my shopping experience after the jump.

Shipping: I bought the items on January 27th and received them on February 6th which is very fast especially considering my past experiences with Chinese ebay sellers. The packaging was a very standard grey envelope which I expected considering that bending the items would cause no damage to them.

The plastic wrap that the collars were wrapped in
Accuracy of Description: The item descriptions were fairly accurate with a few discrepancies. On the actual seller listing, the ends of the ribbons are to be forked whereas on the actual item the end were a simple straight cut. Additionally, the ribbon on the brown collar was a black satin ribbon as pictured whereas the white collar was instead white grosgrain ribbon. The grosgrain ribbon also made the white collar harder to tie around my neck than the brown one.

The ends of the ribbon as well as a comparison of materials pictured versus materials actually used
Quality: For only $5 USD, I'm very pleased with the quality of the items. While the lace is not the highest quality, I found it to be fairly decent and not incredibly scratchy looking. My primary complaint is the fraying at the end of the ribbons which can be seen on the photo above. 

A closer view of the lace
Fit of the item: I enjoy the fit of the item and found the collar to provide a nice degree of looseness when tied into a bow. As mentioned above, the white collar is harder to tie but still wearable and easy enough to tie and untie. 

Me at the end of a day of work, sorry if the smile looks a bit strained or off

Would I recommend the item? 

Yes, I definitely would. The item is a good deal for the price, so if you're looking for a faux collar on a budget, I would go for the above listing expecting small imperfections and different detailing.

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