Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recap: Kami-Con 2014

Kami-Con Season 6 has already come and past now, and I'm still reeling from the experience. I had a wonderful time meeting with friends, checking out the dealer's room, and getting a poster autographed by a large number of the Sailor Moon cast members. I want to post a quick recap of the events along with my cosplay and lolita coordinate shenanigans, so let's get to it. 


My all-time favorite anime character is Arturia Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. I took the opportunity to cosplay one of her simpler outfits, suit Saber from Fate/Zero. I managed to mess up and not be able to find any black gloves in the weeks preceding the con, but I was still overall happy with my cosplay. My next step in my love for Saber is to construct or commission an Excalibur. 
I was totally holding Excalibur. It was just cloaked in Wind King. Yep. Totally.
Dealer's Room

Even though I was happy with what I grabbed from the dealer's room, I noticed that the number of dealers actually seemed much smaller than in previous years which was somewhat disappointing. Still, I managed to grab some good deals. I've been wanting miniature alpacas for a long while so I'm glad to finally scratch that itch. The beret, strawberry clip and wing clip are from Always In A Blue Moon. I actually somehow hadn't heard of this indie lolita brand before so I'm looking forward to when she's done being active on the con circuit and restocks her online shop. <3

The parakoopa is the only thing my fiance wanted from the dealer's room and the Saber lanyard was a kind gift from a friend!

I was exhausted after Saturday at the con, so I just sort of threw together my coordinate for Sunday. I really loved the results with so many soft browns, and I was really pleased with how nicely the twin tail wig accented my face especially in the close up of my face. I was also happy that I'm slowly learning to do my makeup better. <3

We had a small lolita meetup at the con that primarily consisted of standing around, chit chatting and taking photos. I'm sad that Kami-Con hasn't had an official lolita tea party on its roster for the last two years, so I hope they add one on Sunday for the next time! 
Dress: Bodyline l445
Tights: The Snow Field Nostalgia Series Tights
Cardigan: Target
Wig: l-email
Boots: Rack Room Shoes
Necklace: Claire's
Earrings, bracelet: Forever 21
Sailor Moon

Seeing the voices actors of Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask was what really made the con a special experience for me. On Saturday night, I attended the evening Q&A panel featuring Linda Ballantyne, Toby Proctor, Katie Griffin, and Susan Roman who composed a good portion of the voices of my childhood. I unfortunately had nothing for them to sign in the subsequent autograph session and the line filled up way to quickly for me to get into a decent spot.
Seriously, these voice actors were amazing to listen to and hear their banter. 
The next day, a lolita friend of mine sat with me in line for two hours. We managed to get into the line right before it formed, so I was super excited to get my autographs so fast. I started to spazz out, so Susan Roman actually gave me a hug to help me settle down. I felt heart warmed and embarrassed and fangirlish all at the same time. (≧∇≦)Con staff sadly forbade pictures during the signing, so I was only left with the memory of that hug. The only sad part about the signing is that my favorite scout, Sailor Mercury, wasn't one of the voice actors in attendance. Oh well. Hopefully I'll encounter her at a con someday. 
My poster safely back over the bed. <3

And, that's a wrap up of the main portions of my Kami-Con experience. Did you attend Kami-Con this year? What were your favorite parts of the con? 

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