Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forever 21, Big Lots, Thrift Store, Oh My!

I tend to love the items released towards Valentine's day as stores display their sweetest items of the year. I've managed to find a lot of great finds during late January and early February, so venture past the jump to see some of the finds I've snagged lately.

I was in love with the maneki neko plushes on the official Sanrio website, so I placed a small order to get a plush and a bow on the website. Shipping was somewhat steep at $10 USD, but I wanted the items enough to push past the high shipping cost. I love the soft look of the bow so much with the pastel and beige color scheme. I can definitely seeing myself throwing the bow into a look that I want to be both cute and elegant.

Forever 21 has a lot of sweet pink items both in store and online right now. The macaron pajama pants and underwear I found in my local store made me instantly squee with delight before swooping up a pair of each and heading to the cash register. I also picked up some lint rollers which ironically had cute little cats on them, the main source of my lint at the moment. 
Macaron pants, macaron underwear and cat themed lint rollers from Forever 21. 
After probing around on Nouveau Cheap and being impressed by the delightful items I've seen the blog writer get for dirt cheap prices, I made a priority to dig around at Big Lots. 

I managed to snag a lot of basic items for a low price such as the Wet 'N Wild Speed Gloss, Elf eyeliner, sweet scented Revlon Sugar Glaze nail polish, and a delightful little bath set with lemon scented products packed in duckies. I've enjoyed most of the items that I grabbed, though I would definitely say that Color Mates eye shadow was a flaky miss. 

For less than ten dollars at the thrift store, I grabbed a lot of sweet items which I feel I can incorporate with my increasingly vintage, shabby chic themed home interior. The bow sweater was my favorite find overall. The item has adorable little pearls detailing the bow area, and I felt like the item was calling out from me across the room. The little pig pictured below is actually a piggy bank, so I plan on cleaning up the black spots on her cheeks soon and putting her out for use holding my coins. I'm also in love with the cat peering from beneath the large hat. She has a small chip at the bottom of the hat that I'm unsure of how to mask, so I'd love any tips on how to repair the item. 

My delightful cat Bilbo is sporting one of the faux fur collars I got in the mail the same day as thrifting the item. You can check out a full review of the collar here
After watching a Bath and Body Works haul video by BeautifullyInspired1 I knew that I had to visit the store to see what items I could grab for my own personal collection. I'm really in love with the sweets shop collection. I have a small Raspberry Peach Macaron candle to burn at the desk while I play World of Warcraft or Hearthstone. The Pink Vanilla Macaron is a nice little hand soap that I've been using since I got it in my bathroom, and Velvet Sugar is a sweet daily spray that's light but also sugary and youthful, making the scent a perfect fit for me. I also grabbed a little octopus prince/princess. I've already loaded in a Pink Vanilla Macaron scented hand sanitizer for everyday usage. 

Phew! That was a lot of items to go through, and I hope you've enjoyed following along with some of my recent purchases. 

Have you picked up anything adorable close to Valentine's day too? Please comment below. 

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