Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Current Favorite Beauty Sites, February 2014

Before becoming a lolita, I had worn makeup a handful of occasions in my life. Even then, I mostly stuck to exfoliating my skin to the best condition and slapping on some lipstick before I rolled out for a school dance or graduation event. The perfect doll like and ethereal looks I’ve seen so many lolitas achieve with the help of makeup has made me increasingly conscious of my lack of knowledge in the area. In the first month or so of 2014, I’ve endeavored to do better with crafting my look, so I’d like to share with you some of the general resources that I’ve been using while learning where to find products that will work for both the look I want to achieve and my budget.


I follow Wengie primarily through her Youtube channel while going and checking out her blog when I want to make one of the amazing recipes she posts. She posts Korean makeup tutorials, Korean product hauls, diet friendly delicious recipes, and outfit of the day ideas. I love her soft style and presentation style in her videos as she manages to keep the entirety of the tutorials well laid out and informative.

Nouveau Cheap

If you want to have beauty on a budget, Nouveau Cheap is the perfect site for you. The site admin updates the site more than several times per day to keep you up to date with the latest sightings of budget line cosmetics in drug stores. She also continually posts reviews and swatches of the cosmetics that she finds which is extremely helpful for a newbie like me or likely for a more experienced viewer who wants to sort through what's worth the time picking up at the drugstore. I've especially enjoyed how constantly busy the instagram feed is, keeping me updated and excited about affordable products throughout the day.

Musings of a Muse

I visit Musings of a Muse every few days or so to see a wide variety of new products coming to both drugstores and beauty specific shops like Sephora. She posts a variety of swatches along with her nicely written commentary on the products. I really love the mixture of western and Korean products that get posted on the blog too. 

The Polishaholic

I've been interested in trying nail polishes for a long while, but I'm very good at picking out duds with my own guidance. Enter The PolishAholic. The pictures are great resolution and cover a wide variety of more commonly available nail polishes along with smaller brands such as a recent post of a product called GlitterDaze Birthday Duo which I immediately had to order after looking at her beautiful swatches of the product. I can't wait to keep following the blog in the months to come and finding more awesome nail polishes going into spring 2014. 

Thank you for reading today. What beauty product websites have you been in love with lately? I'd love to hear your thoughts below. 

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