Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kawaii Nail Polish: Hard Candy Pixie Pink Swatches

In my constant search to add more little detailing to my lolita coordinates, I've been taking a dive into nail polishes lately. While shopping at Walmart the past weekend, I happened upon a really intriguing shade of polish: Pixie Pink by Hard Candy. Though I'm not a polish expert, below are some of my swatches and thoughts on the polish!

Despite being labeled as pink, the shade is more of a very light lavender as can be seen pretty easily through the bottle itself though it's not as obvious in the above swatch of two coats. The little bitlets of glitter in the polish are blue, white and dark pink.

Overall, I could see the polish going really well with a number of sweet lolita and fairy kei type looks with the fanciful glitter and pastel colors that compliment the shades found in many prints. So if you get a chance to check out this shade, I would definitely pick it up. I got my bottle for only $2 which is likely a clearance for Hard Candy's spring line coming soon, so I would recommend checking out the shade soon for sugar a steal of a price.

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