Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Yukata Meetup

Long time, no see! The end days of summer have been very busy for me as I'v been bolstering my exercise routine and working on some general self improvement. I may do another weight loss for lolita post, updating on the progress and maintenance practices since my last one
My lolita comm decided to host a small yukata meetup to wrap up the summer. We had a few months of planning and ordering our outfits, culminating in a pleasant visit to Emma's Tea Room. Rather than a hot tea, I went with getting a nice glass of iced oolong tea. I sadly can't remember the exact variety, but the flavor was pleasant and I wish my memory would let me remember so that I could add the tea to my collection at home. 
I chose to get the daily salad special which came with a small blueberry muffin and poppy seed dressing. The flavor was great, and the combination of plums and strawberries with the bed of mixed greens was so perfect. <3
Dessert consisted of a piece of lemon cake topped with mandarin oranges and whipped cream. The flavor was really nice, and I liked the arrangement of the components. 
What would a post about a yukata meetup be, though, without a photo of me actually in my yukata? I ordered an easy to wear rose yukata from DreamV which was a good idea since I've never owned or worn a yukata before. In keeping with the general taste of my wardrobe, I went with the dark colored version of the pattern. The shoes which came with the yukata itself were way too small for my American feet, though, and the site offered no option to size up for a bigger pair. I ended up finding a pair of simple heeled wooden shoes from the thrift store which actually matched the general feel of my coordinate. I even wonder if they were originally ordered from Japan since the size labeling read "24.5" rather than a US or European style sizing scheme. Overall, I was really happy with the way I looked in the yukata although it's not nearly as comfortable as lolita, and I can't see myself wanting to wear an outfit like this more than once a year for a special occasion. 
We were somewhat tired after the tea house, so we wound up just going to a local antique store before parting ways. This is the second time I've gone to a curated antique store with my comm, and I've had a great time on both occasions. I ended up buying the stuffed rabbit pictured above as I love his vintage feel, and he reminds me of the Mossbadger items I love so much. 


  1. This is so cute ;3; I love your yukata~<3
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Thank you! <3 I'm pretty happy with the pattern too.

  2. The Yukata looks really good!! I love those Japanese summer festivals where you get to eat lots of traditional food and play traditional games while watching fireworks^^ Wish I can try on a Yukata one day too! :D

    1. Thank you! I may buy a different one for next year since the length was a little odd on me, but I had a great time at that meetup.