Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Automatic Honey Unboxing

Glorious stock photo. 
I had the thrill recently of pursuing an item from the indie jewelry brand Automatic Honey. My first experience with the brand was seeing the Orion's Spell necklace at Frill 2013. Only a few of the necklaces were left by the time I entered the dealer's room, but I sadly couldn't afford the item then. Not knowing the rarity of the brand's items, I figured I would happen upon the necklace again one day for sale. Oh, the bliss of that ignorance. Tinged now with regret at not getting that adorable piece, I was determined to get the recent release of Moonlight Pegasus necklace. I had seen plenty of photos on instagram and the Automatic Honey Facebook page of girls at Fairytale Boutique getting the exquisite necklaces in person. I sat determinedly in front of my computer on the night of the release monitoring and refreshing for the necklaces. At the exact moment of release, I struck, going straight for the Moonlight Pegasus in navy. After a rush, my Paypal order successfully completed and I sat back in wonder that I had actually succeeded. To give an idea of the rush, within 10 minutes of release on the site, all of the pieces were gone for now, with the brand hinting at a potential re-release in the fall.
I spent random moments in the next week twitching around. I was nervous that I hadn't really won the item at all and that my order would turn out to be null and void due to some programming eccentricity. I was very relieved when a week after the order, the item arrived. I opened the bubble wrap envelope to find a small white box wrapped in a black ribbon. 
Within the box in bubble wrap, I started to see a faint glimpse of hooves and a shining brand label. 
On the back of the Automatic Honey tag, the details about the piece were listed out. I appreciated listing out some basic care instructions for the item so that I can safely keep the pegasus gleaming in the years to come. 
I was somewhat surprised to see that the brand's named even got molded onto the back of the pendant. I can appreciate the level of attention to the little details and even help with identification of the item many years down the line if my memory were to grow fuzzy.
And finally, a good picture of the necklace itself. I posed the item on top of my Day Dream Carnival tote which seemed appropriate continuing the horse theme. I like the hints of lavender throughout the horse's powder blue mane which flows onto silver glittering wings. The metal is very sturdy, and I'm not nearly as worried about the item breaking in the future as I am with acrylic pieces in a similar price range including many of the Angelic Pretty pieces that I see glued back together on lolita sales groups. I would love to be able to match the necklace with Crystal Dream Carnival, but I unfortunately didn't pick up that release and I don't see myself grabbing it any time in the near future. I do anticipate wearing the item to work often as a lovely accent piece to the abundance of dark colors in that part of my wardrobe and as a nice lolita token that can be incorporated in with normal clothes. <3


  1. WOW, that necklace is absolutely gorgeous!! What a dream to own it, thank you for sharing your photos! I've never heard of this brand before, I'll definitely have to give them a peek :)

    1. Thank you! Be sure to follow their Facebook page since as I mentioned releases get sold out super fast.