Thursday, July 10, 2014

BtSSB San Francisco Online Mini Review

I won't deny the truth: up until now, I've had very limited interest in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. While I've admired some of their releases in the past, no one in my local community regularly wears the brand for in person inspiration, and while I have the Kuma Kumya fleece blanket, I've just never been trapped in the mystique of the brand. With the announcement of Masumi Kano attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 and the hosting of a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tea party, however, I've been taking a much more in depth look at the brand and seeking to expands its presence in my wardrobe while also devouring any interview or video I can find to get a better idea about the brand.
The anticipation was real. 
Anyway, back to the main point of the post, I decided to order an Usakumya Mini-Mini Rucksack in pink to help with sweet look I'm putting together in anticipation of AWA. However, I've been intimidated by the layout of the Japanese website for a while now, so I was glad to discover that BtSSB has a great American based store front. I found the site really easy to navigate and figure out what I wanted to order, so I placed an order on the 4th of July in a fit of patriotism which oddly made me buy Japanese goods. The shipping was amazingly fast. By the 7th of July, I already had my item even with the initial order day being a Friday.
I may have a new favorite plush. Ssssh, don't tell my other plushies, though. 
Laying down, just chilling. 
Tiny little back side complete with zip and two straps. 
The rucksack itself is adorable even if I question why the little guy needs a zipper or to even pretend to function as a pouchette. After much folding, I managed to fit an entire dollar bill into the tiny little compartment. Disregarding the lack of functionality as even a tiny coin purse, I love the bag so much. The adjustable straps are a neat feature for attaching to your bag, and the hands also contain little magnets so that it can grasp onto your main purse cutely.
Up close of the headdress. 
Up close of the collar pattern. 

I love the obvious detailing and care that went into designing the little rucksack. The heart pattern in the collar is cute and thick, while headdress is big enough to be recognizable but not so huge as to envelope the small head. The distinctive BtSSB 'B' in gold shines on the foot. Just describing the mini mini makes me want to rush back to the site and order the large pouchette. 

Oh, and I also ordered tape. Not much to say about the tape, overall, I'm just looking forward using the tape to seal adorable packages. Overall, I'm just incredibly happy with what I received, and I hope to use the San Francisco site when I want to buy a main piece in the future.


  1. I was at the BtssB store in SF on July 5th and the girl at the counter had a few of those plushies she was wrapping up, obviously to send in the mail. Wouldn't that be funny if one of them was yours! Very cute, congrats :)

    1. That would be neat! Based on the date, that would be about right, and the item came wrapped in cute pink tissue paper. And thank you, I will likely be on the hunt for the bigger one after AWA expenses are over.