Friday, July 4, 2014

3 Lolita Youtube Channels For A Lazy Afternoon

If you ever end up at home with some extra time to kill (or you're just deathly bored in class), I've rounded up some of my favorite lolita channels to check out while on your break.


I've been completely engrossed with KAWAII PATEEN lately. The channel is updated regularly with interviews from people directly involved in the lolita fashion scene such as a lolita substyle primer with Misako Aoki: 

Or a video series featuring Yumi Fujiwara, the designer of Innocent World:

The film channel of the quality is great, and as a Western lolita I especially love hearing from the models and owners of lolita brands when they seem so distant. Videos like the above really illuminate personalities and help to keep me up to date with what's happening with kawaii fashion in Japan. 

Deerstalker Pictures

Deerstalker Pictures is a must watch for their series of quirky and fun videos showing the lives of lolitas in general such as with their "Shit Lolitas Say" series: 

Cooking with Arpakasso which can actually help with cooking while watching an adorable plush: 
Or their beautiful collaboration videos with the indie lolita brand Haenuli:

The channel doesn't have the most frequent of updates, but the films are creative and imaginative, and I truly hope to continue to see more fantastical films and quality content in the future. 

Princess Peachie

Finally, if you're looking for a personal Youtuber rather than a big channel, I can't go wrong to recommend checking out Princess Peachie. Especially for new lolitas, myself included, she's a positive inspiration with videos featuring herself in a primarily Bodyline based wardrobe while looking amazingly cute. I particularly love her older sweet lolita transformation video which gave me an idea as to what went on with assembling a full lolita coordinate. 

I was incredibly happy in one of her most recent videos to see her finally getting her dream dress and all the excitement she so willingly displays to the Youtube viewing community. 

Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I can't help be give a small smile whenever I see one of her new videos cropping up in my feed. 

Thank you for reading through some of my Youtube recommendations. Who would you recommend to check out on Youtube? I'm constantly looking for new lolita content to browse, and the lolita Youtube community is so small that I feel like each vlogger really brings something new into the fold. 

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