Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer Time Joy

I've been busy over the past couple of months! The next big event I had during the summer was attending Sukoshicon Pokecon in July. I felt almost as if I was going on an odd pilgrimage as I mostly went to the convention to see the three Pikachu Volkswagen Beetles in person. I've dreamed of owning one of these cards since I was a kid, so when I got to see one in person, it was kind of overwhelming in a great way.

I really felt like I was about to cry here with joy
I had a great time at the con overall, and it was a real joy getting to listen to Eric Stuart and Stuart Zagnit speak about their feeling on the Pokemon craze all these years later.

After coming back from the con, I started to exercise more, really getting into yoga and hiking. 

Heart shaped sunglasses~
The next month or so after that passed in something of a blur. I was really active in my job search during July and early August. I'm happy to report that I now have a position as a web developer at a local bank! I also finally got my driver's license, and my own car.

Getting onto the topic of lolita, I once again didn't wear lolita much during the summer. Just. Too. Hot. My comm however have two meetups, one at a tea shoppe and the other at a local art event.

Dress: Meta Cat Jsk
Everything else: Offbrand (eBay, Target)

Jsk: Bodyline l445
Blouse: Bodyline
Headbow: Darling Army
Everything else: Random 
Finally, we introduced a new member to our family in early July! Meet our little kitty, Bilbo.

Yes. He is a cat in a turtle neck sweater☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
I think that's all for now. October is looking to be another active month, though, with a fairy kei meetup and a lolita meetup, so I'll be posting about that. <3


  1. Wow, a Pokemon/Pikachu Volkswagen car. <3
    Love your Meta car coord! <3