Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recap: Frill 2013

At the beginning of June, I had the pleasure of attending the lolita convention Frill, hosted by a group of the Atlanta lolitas under the banner of Affrilliation. I traveled there with my friend Kawaii Barbie with the driving help of my lovely fiance (seriously, we wouldn't have been able to get there without his great help). We arrived late Friday evening and attended the fun pool party at the hotel pool with so many lovely girls gathered at one place. We chatted each other up and just had a general good time playing with the mini Hello Kitty beach balls that one of my friends from my local comm brought. I wish I'd gotten pictures, but alas, I was tired from traveling and didn't really think to do so. 

The next day was game time, and the two of us hurried to get ready with enough time to eat breakfast before we hit the convention floor. 

Wearing my Bodyline squirrels!

Right from the start of actually being at the con, I was very pleased by the items I saw offered by vendors. I saw more items than my wallet could handle, so I ultimately just went home with a some photos by the con photographer, a Lucky Star lanyard, and a Superman head bow by Kinki Kitty (not pictured, but I'll be updating when I do my Superman coordinate to see Man of Steel soon~). The only thing I regret about the shopping experience was not having bought a VIP ticket. I feel like I missed out on some great deals and cool items I could have gotten, particularly the Automatic Honey necklaces. 

My Lucky Star Lanyard!
Kawaii Barbie's haul!
Besides the shopping, there were a number of interesting panels to attend. I visited the cake decorating panel, how to lolify your webpage, and the history of old school lolita. I found that I came away from all of those panels having really learned more about their topics in question which I found to be very rewarding. 
Cake decorating!
Kawaii Barbie and I took the opportunity to enjoy a number of the Decatur restaurants during the course of the convention. I loved the feeling of downtown Decatur. I didn't feel threatened while I was walking around, and the greenery and feeling of the city was just lovely. I also was able to easily find lots of vegetarian options when we visited the Raging Taco and Burrito and the local Pita Pit. I wish that my local area was so vegetarian friendly! We also took the chance to take some photos with this scenery.

After a quick outfit change, we headed down to the Frill After Dark show. I mingled with people and danced a bit while listening to the cover band. When the fashion show got started, I was amazed at being able to see so much quality clothing at one place, and also see some of my friends model in the show. I didn't get any photos but linked below is a video of the fashion show. Below that were our outfits for the evening. 

Bodyline Cinderella bunny jsk worn with my new wig from l-email
Kawaii Barbie~

Some of my other friends from the event stayed up and partied late, but I decided to head back to the room and rest in preparation for Sunday. 

Sunday was a less activity filled day for me. While I still enjoyed myself, I was still reeling from all the activity of the day before, so I didn't take nearly as many photos. I did get my fiance to take a quick snapshots of our outfits. 

I did on Sunday get the meet and take a photo with one of my favorite lolita bloggers, Sweet Clover Tea!

The convention wound down and culminated in the tea party at the end. The tea party was overall lovely. The only thing I found disheartening was the lack of vegetarian options with the food served, but I've since heard that the Frill staff will be addressing that for next year. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Frill 2013, and I definitely plan to attend next year. ^_^

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