Monday, May 13, 2013

Easter + Graduation + Ironman 3

For Easter this year, I wore a simple off brand coordinate to church. I was really happy to be able to put together such a simple outfit from so many off brand finds I've accumulated over time. I'm really thinking about organizing a post where I talk about creating lolita on a budget.

Shirt: JCPenney
Belt: Rue21
Skirt: Unknown etsy (bought secondhand)
Tights: Wal-mart
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
I've also graduated recently with my degree in computer science finally. I haven't actively started looking for jobs yet. I can't drive yet so that's kind of putting a damper on the search. My main goals for the summer are going to be learning how to drive within the next month or so then searching for a post-graduation job.

I didn't actually walk at the big ceremony at my university because I would have found it to be just too impersonal sitting there with so many people I didn't know. I did, however, attend the honors pre-graduation ceremony which my honors program hosted. It's a very small program which takes only 50 people per year, so I felt a lot of nostalgia and warmth attending the ceremony. 

Blouse, necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Bodyline l481
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Rackroom Shoes
Finally, just for fun, I'll include an outfit picture of me and my fiance before we went to see Ironman 3, a movie I did really enjoy. It was a very simple outfit, but I thought that it suited me. I liked adding the touch of my Union Jack headphones.