Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Months Recap

I typically don't wear lolita during the hot months, but this year was an exception! I spent the early part of the hot months getting ready to get married then the rest of the summer relaxing and having good times with friends. Below is a recap of some of my favorite moments in a very photo heavy post. 


Finally getting married! And yes, I am wearing Meta's Typewriting Squirrels. We had a very small ceremony at the courthouse then ate with family and friends at PF Chang's. <3

Also in love Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Gillie shoes in pink metal that I wore that day. 
I may have gone a bit wedding crazy in Lineplay too, totally obsessed with the Santorini wedding set they put out. 
Set of bottles I picked up as souvenirs when we went on our honeymoon. One for me and one for my now sister-in-law. 
Kirby and Prince Fluff themed wedding cake we had done with Dreamcakes Bakery. I wish I'd been able to get a photo before we had to let it sit out before the reception and the icing of the ampersand began to run a bit. 


We received many beautiful and practical gifts, so we were able to spruce up our apartment a bit. 
Decorative rose lights from Amazon
Adding more nautical elements to the bathroom. 

~Good Times~

I had to bid farewell to several friends moving away this summer, but not before getting to hang out one last time. Prepped in a different look for me, ready for a night of karaoke. 

My lolita comm had a wonderful meetup at Ozan Vineyard and Winery! We got to have a bit of a tour around the facility and estate. 
Borrowed parasol up! The day was hot, so I tried to coordinate more naturally to avoid having to wear a wig in the sweltering Alabama heat. 
Lovely train ride through the vineyard estate. Definitely worth the price of the ticket for the tour. 
Finally, seeing the musical performance of the Little Mermaid at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. The details to the performance were gorgeous and the lobby had adorable decorations, seen above.  
Overall, I've had a really fun filled summer with so many more moments that the few pictures above can convey. Thank you for reading, and I'll be back soon with more. 

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