Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cold Months Recap

Long time, no see! The months after December have been a whirlwind. I've moved from a smaller one bedroom apartment into a much nicer two bedroom, significantly decluttered my life, and I'm now in the midst of making full wedding and honeymoon plans for late June. Below are some of my favorite moments of the last few months with a bit of commentary. Thank you for continuing to follow along with my coordinates and posts even when I'm not the most coordinated or frequent in posting. 
Fun seeing Disney on ice wearing my Toy Parade salopette! That tofu fried rice was amazing. 
About to head to the in-laws for Thanksgiving.
OP: Innocent World Antique Cutlery
Tights: The Snow Field
Tote: Innocent World 
JSK: Bodyline
Rosette: The Mossbadger
Purse: BtSSB Usakumya
Wearing my Meta Princess Wardrobe JSK set to the mall
Adorable Kewpie plate I got for Valentine's Day alongside the Sailor Moon cameo charms
Looking winter fabulous
Getting the bedroom setup at our new place. <3 
Neat little place for coffee in Huntsville, the Kaffeeklatsch. Smelled AMAZING. 
Having fun at the cherry blossom festival together. <3


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of all the fun you're having. You look super cute as always. Can't wait to see more! ^o^

  2. Ohmygosh that Kewpie plate is adorable. Love the outfit with kumakumya ^_^

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  3. Ah, girl, I love your Sailor Moon cameos!! They're mad adorable! <3

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