Monday, April 2, 2012

Sock Dreams Review

I love many of the cute socks which I've found on the website of Sock Dreams, a Portland, Oregon based company which specializes in selling a wide variety of socks. My latest order from them were their Pink Knees over the knee socks. What in particular attracted me to the socks was the mention that the socks were plus size friendly and would problem fit better on larger calves. With that factor and the overall cuteness of the socks, I decided to place my order.

All socks on their website include shipping in the price, so I was able to snag my particular pair for only $6 with shipping included. I received an email saying that the item had been shipped the day after I ordered them along with a tracking number, and the actual item itself got to my house in only 4 days including a weekend which was part of the shipping period.

The item itself was well packaged and sealed in a plastic envelope for shipping. An invoice including a summary of my order was also included with a big "Thank You!" written in marker on it, adding a personable touch.

The socks themselves were tied together when I first got them out of the bag along with information about them.

Putting the socks on, I was very happy with how comfortable they were worn, not fitting too tight for me like some other over the knee socks I've tried and actually came up to slightly over the knee. 

Since I delayed a bit in doing the review for the socks, I can saw with confidence that they have lasted pretty well so far. No noticeable tears or flaws exist after a couple of washings.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my order, and I say that I plan on ordering from them for over the knee socks again sometime in the future due to their fast shipping and good products. 

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  1. I too am glad that I found this site.It definately helps that it has some lolita style socks.