Monday, April 9, 2012

Holley Tea Time Review

I have been admiring the sugary sweet pastel designs of Holley Tea Time for a while now. When she released her tights recently, I couldn't help but grab a pair of these beauties:

They combine many of her cutest designs such as the smiling shooting stars, the clouds with rainbows trailing from them and the serene looking unicorns into one place. The only wish I had for the print was for more detailing to be placed near the bottom rather than the top where my skirt will be covering it up.

Shipping was fairly prompt. I placed my ordered, and two days later I got noticed she had shipped the item. The tights arrived several days later, perfectly packaged in a padded envelope.

The tights are stated to fit ranges from anywhere to 100 to 220 pounds and to also fit heights from 5' to 5'9". Upon getting them, I decided to put them to the test at the upper end of the extremes. I had a friend who is 5'9" try them on to get a good height perspective. They fit wonderfully, going up comfortably and fitting well.

Yay for stretch!
I also tried them on later to good effect. I'm around 215 pounds, another push of the upper bounds of the tights and I was very happy with how well they fit. The pattern in both cases did not experience too much stretch to the point where it was unrecognizable but instead continued to look good. 

Holley also very graciously included a free gift with the order! 

I had been looking at that particular ring with sprinkles on it in her store and debating whether or not I should get it, but I opted to not buy it. This made the occasion of receiving the little extra item with my order an especially happy one. 

Overall, I was very satisfied with my purchase, and I'm looking forward to ordering from her again. ^_^

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